[generic] What rpg/s do you want to play/run in 2020?


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Still currently happy with the two RPGs I am running currently, Tales from the Loop and Alien.

Not looking for any more though a manuscript sitting on my virtual deck is fermenting an old idea or two.
Definite plans only for now:

More Curse of Strahd
More Ashen Stars
Warhammer 4e
Various Garrison con games.

Cthulhu Apocalypse part 2
More Liminal is inevitable. I embrace that.
Various Garrison con games.

Fond hopes:
Mythic Babylon
More One Ring
Beyond Dread Portals
Monkey 2e
Far Frontiers second playtest
Wordplay: Dramaguhl
Cold City
The Revolution Machine (Gumshoe cyberpunk) playtest
After the Empire (community based "Dark Ages" fantasy) playtest.

That's enough to be getting on with, I reckon.

First Age

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It's the sort of thing that I'd probably want to come back to and go "oo, oo, this one too!"...

More Curse of Strahd
Convention fantastica
The One Ring

More Coriolis. There's an epic journey ahead if I can persuade sweetly enough to get a regular slot
Pathfinder 2e. Big, bold and bonkers. Kallahn is alive.
I hope it is alright to say that I am really looking forward to running Wordplay 2 as often as I can!
More Forbidden Lands.
I'm hoping that Sarah will be able to bring out The Chronicles of Future Earth next year, and I'll be there to run it. The Chronicles of High Fantasy would be unlikely, but that's the one I really want.

Stretch Goals:
Dust Adventures - possibly using Wordplay 2
Faith - too pretty to leave on the shelf
Genesys: Space Opera
Conan 2d20
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Coriolis (from @FirstAge)
Wordplay 2.0 (from @FirstAge)
Infinity 2d20 (from @FirstAge)

Curse of Strahd (from @Dom)
Mythras Lyonesse (go on @Dom)

Dolmenwood 5e (from me)
Space 1889 (from me)
Mythras Syria (from me)

More and more and more Symbaroum (from @Vodkashok)

What else I'd like?
Forbidden Lands
Cthulhu Dark
Mutants and Masterminds
Exilium D6
All for One
I think next year is going to be lousy year for RPGs for me, going to be dealing with a divorce, a newborn and studying for another professional qualification in my spare time.

That said, I'm hoping to find sometime to run something like:

- Either Delta Green or Night's Black Agents (fancy some real-world present day investigation)
- Enemy Within Campaign
- Continue the Darkening of Mirkwood campaign

And hoping to play:

- Complete the rest of the Two Headed Serpent for Pulp Cthulhu
I will certainly be running Mythic Babylon in our on-going campaign. That may be the only thing I run, but if I get the chance to run a one-shot, I'd probably go with Hollow Earth Expedition - or maybe Hunters of Alexandria. I've got a few games I'm interested in developing, and if I can pull my finger out I might get far enough to run one of those late in the year. I'm struggling to find enthusiasm for the products I'm seeing in the market these days, but am looking forward to the new edition of Agon. As for being a player, I'm open to trying anything once.
Continue to run Vampire the Masquerade 5e
Continue to play Firefly and Vampire the Masquerade 2nd-3rd ed (ish)

Plans for running other things are a bit vague at the moment, but are possibly:
The Expanse
Cold & Dark
Flotsam: Adrift Among the Stars
Mutant Year Zero

But I haven't read my copies of Ghost Ops or Hack the Planet yet, so I may change my mind!
OpenQuest 3 I'm getting to the end of the development of the rules, and it had a couple of one-shots this year that I've greatly enjoyed. So next year I start the beeeeeeeeeeeeg never-ending campaign, where players can drop in and drop out but I'll always be there on Wednesday night online ready to rock, either a persistent fantasy setting or River of Heaven or The Company or some of the other settings/games powered by OQ I've got planned.

Liminal I've run two out of three of the standalone adventures I want to do for the adventure book I owe @dr_mitch at Go Play Manchester. Adventure three will probably get a sneaky run out there too, but I'm thinking I should get a full run-through with another group at some point. Plus I'm writing some Case Notes (one in progress a couple of promised to various supplements that Mitch is putting together). Liminal really has been my surprise hit of 2019. It fulfils my dream of a rules-light yet subject deep RPG. Every time I've run it with a mix of players of varying roleplaying experience, both the players and I have come away with big shit-eating grins. So more, please.

D&D 5th. I want to run/play more of this version. I got my teeth stuck into it after running my Tales From the Sorcerer Under the Mountain Kickstarter which as well as the OSR version of the Adventure(s) has 5th Edition version(s) as well. I think I've finally run my course with OSR (except perhaps as inspirational setting material) and I'm looking forward to exploring (and buying) what's out there for 5th.

Other things (in less detail)

Swords Against the Shroud
- my swords and sorcery version of the Black Hack 2nd.
Dragons Ascending to Heaven - my quick Wuxia game based of Monkey.
Monkey - such things are inevitable (and fun).
The Outsiders - my take on Cthulhu (with body horror elements, set at the end of the Cold War in the 80s), using a modified version of Liminal.
Reboot - Project Darklight reborn using Liminal as the rules base (I told you I liked it :) )
More of my Jacobean Hammer Horror meets Clive Barker D&D, which currently uses @dr_mitch 's Portal System from the upcoming Beyond Dread Portals (Kickstarting early next year honest).

Guess I'm heading for a busy 2020 :D
Home Campaigns
L5R FFG - I am running this now and it has been working so well I will continue to do so. I am genuinely surprised as to how well this game has gone. It started out as a test to see how the new system worked and my regular group embraced it so much it has just gone from strength to strength. I know this version is not to everyone's tastes, but it is working well for us.

Symbaroum - Before I took a break we had been working through the official campaign for this game. As ever my version of the campaign has gone some way off the track and has become its own thing. The game broke off at a good point and in all honesty, it stopped as we were getting to a section where the game expects you to go into "full dungeon crawl" mode; something I have not really liked since I first started playing RPGs. I like how the campaign is presented, I can take scenes, chop them out and change them around. I HAVE to do this now as part 3 cannot start the way it suggests and there are certain faction alterations that need to be made. For those that know this game to give you one idea as to how different I have gone, one of the players has been "used" by the Queen in order to make certain she has an heir, and trust my no one messes with my Queen of Ambria, people are generally too terrified to even think about it. I have changed the speed of the game as for some reason the writers have no sense as to how long it takes to move troops around, or understand the logistics of feeding those troops.

Symbaroum is where my games really began to pick up again, for some reason it clicked.

Runequest Glorantha - I am not certain which group I will be running this for, my regular group tried Glorantha in the past and only one of them really connected well with the world. However, I adore this game world and the version of the rules so I really would like to do something with it this year.

Coriolis - This game needs some work, I like the idea it uses "1001 nights in space" but it is not presented well for me. The factions made no real sense but I am not a fan of games that set worlds up with "these guys have all the soldiers and the best ships", but this faction "has all the politicians and the money" and at times it feels like that is how it is presented. I mean if you have lots of soldiers and ships you sort of need money and likely some political clout too. I may be taking it far too seriously, but for some reason, though I like some of the premise it is presented in a way that puts me off. However, there is something there, and the two one shots I have run for it have worked very well and I was able to freak out my players in the right way with both of them. I don't have to make a huge change, but I would rather have defined "states" that have a mix of abilities, but I would keep some of the factions as mysterious. For example who are and who were the Legion? How did they "fall from grace", but why do some cling to their uniform and values (though I would need to work on what they were). I would also put more depth into the religion, as the "dark between the stars" has something to it I want the "faith" to be more than what it seems to be. I have some ideas forming that would make it something I can go to town with, but for now it is still taking shape.

Star Trek Adventures
I have a semi-regular group that meets once every few months playing through an extremely experimental idea I had for Star Trek. As some of the players are from Birmingham we are still waiting to complete our second full session in February. We started from defining what we thought the values of the Federation should be and then they defined characters with values, some of which don't entirely mesh exactly with those of the Federation. One PC is not even really a Fed based character, having grown disillusioned with the decisions they made during the war against the Dominion. It is truly OUR Star Trek, and like Discovery I am sure it would annoy the die-hard fans.

One Shots at Conventions

Thirteenth Age



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Would like to run
More Curse of Strahd and possible some one shot 5e stuff
The Dying Earth (finally)
More Alien
The Sprawl
City of Mist (cons)
Wordplay 2.0
(if @First Age gets it to a point he'll share it)
13th Age (maybe)
Traveller (been too long)
Beyond the Wall (edit to add in)

Would like to play
Coriolis when @First Age runs his game
WHFRP when @Jagusti runs his game
The One Ring maybe at the end of the year if @dr_mitch feels it's time to hunt that dragon

All this is subject to change on a whim
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For 2020 I'd like to finish off Two Headed Serpent. Currently we are in New York but the players don't seem very interested in investigating Caduceus Corp at all. Mostly they sit there waiting to be spoon fed the plot.
I'd like to play/run some Liminal.
Definitely want to play some Lyonesse and Mythic Babylon.
Also play some more WHFRP 4e.
Sizing up what I'd like to offer at Continuum another Tekumel game seems likely as does some Scum and Villainy.
Revelation is going to be Impulse Drive filtered through the lens of KillJoys.

I shall miss out on some of the bigger cons as I'm very vulnerable to catching anything that's going and cons are notorious for Con Crud hitting most attendees.