Revelation What are you running at Revelation 2020?


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Slot 3 - Another Night, Another Dollar
City of Mist

"The City lives and breathes around you, smothering and comforting, mother, father, sister, brother, lover and enemy. Myths and legends walk, and the Mists swirl. 'All-Seeing Eye Investigations' works out of Miller's Square, a solid blue-collar neighbourhood that's seen better days. Money's tight, but you've a reputation to uphold and locals who rely on you to hold a light up against the darkness and corruption around."

You're all Rifts, ordinary people embued with the power of legends, your powers hidden from the rest of society by the Mist. City of Mist is an investigative implementation of PbtA, with aspects of FATE tagged into it.

Tags: Adult themes, noir, myth, investigation
5 players

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Slot 5 - Welcome to the Churn
The Sprawl

Nineteen years ago, the Mars Colony was underperforming, so the UN Colonial Agency send an audit team to understand why their charter commitments weren't being met. Their work reveals shocking levels of corruption and graft, not to mention tax evasion. The Muskovite XCorporation was thrown down in a bloody police action and their charter handed to BluePrime. The Churn provided opportunity and peril. Families and organisations rose and fell, people disappeared; for a few years, the fear of UN intervention meant that the more distasteful aspects of society at bay. Emboldened by the lack of follow up, the underworld slowly emerged from the underground, and slowly and surely exerted its influence again. The players have changed, but the game remains the same.

The latest cycler from Earth has brought with it UN Auditors. Is it routine, or is there a purpose? Do they have a second, military ship following? Is it already here? The characters are all n’er-do-wells, living at the edges in the neon-noir underground. Change is dangerous. Change resets the game. Do they want to let the Auditors know what is going on or resist it?

Tags: Adult themes, hidden agendas, SF, Cyberpunk, neon-noir
5 players

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Slot 1 - Gated Community
Sunset Kills

Thirty-five years ago, the quaint little town of Kingston Falls emerged from a night of destruction, revelry, and murder that defied explanation. Something changed; a door wedged open between worlds. Most of humanity isn't ready for what this means; but a few, a Chosen few, might be the only ones able to keep the darkness at bay and avert an apocalypse.

Tags: PG-rated violence and horror, action, investigation
4 players

Slot 2 - The Broken and the Lost
Girl Underground

Young ladies must never vex others, or so they say. Then again, an aphorism on the lips isn't worth much of anything. Lost and alone, a young girl searches for a way to get home... Luckily, it's easier to find a travelling companion than to get rid of one. That's a good thing, right?

Tags: Player led, fantastical, relationships
4 players


First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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There will be Rapscallions! A fearsome crew as the Fates would have it. What adventures will they find at Port Calamus on far Taltugan Island?

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