[generic] What are you backing?

I have backed The Chronicles of Future Earth, cosmic fantasy roleplaying game from Mindjammer Press. Set in the far, far future of our planet Earth, it's a game of sorcery and demons, of fallen civilisations and ancient technologies, of monsters and mysteries and mind-shattering dimensions.

Because Sarah Newton.

I'm bringing the free Quickstart with me to Furnace just in case I can squeeze in another game. It's a tailored Fate game with D6-D6 dice instead of Fate dice and some tailored mechanical twists.

All kinds of fab.
Sarah Newton and Modiphius Entertainment. Like beautiful poetry together. O:)
After compulsively watching all of The Last Kingdom last year I looked around for early Middle Ages RPGs and was confused that I couldn’t find anything which was set later than the various excellent Arthurian games but earlier than the romanticised picture of medieval fantasy which D&D has done so much to shape (for me at least).

So I didn’t even try to resist Wolves of God by Kevin Crawford. Things like this made it inevitable that I’d want it...
  • Guidelines for warband mass combat and barbarian lordship, where the might of a lord is fundamentally tied to the loyalty of his faithful hall-friends and the strength of their spears; and
  • Special focus on building minsters and using them as home bases for classic adventuring bands


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I'm a sucker for Midlam Miniatures, so these beauties were never going to pass me by. Hobgoblins!
Backed it, they are just over the road in Gateshead.
I also quite like these:

28mm Realm of the dragon #3
these five high quality miniatures are our night hunters, a group of highly skilled women whose calling is to hunt down and destroy the dark creatures of the night, vampires,demons witches are all in there sights. each figure has been designed in house by sarah wills who also brought you our maidens of the dragon set, we decided at the start that wont be offering scantily clad female miniatures and sarah has done a wonderful job with the overall design and concept of these miniatures.
Was their last KS: Harlem Unbound.. good?
It was award winning if that is something to inspire you.

Harlem Unbound highlights the Harlem Renaissance under a Mythos lens and confronts the racism in gaming and H.P. Lovecraft’s work.

It also won 3 gold ENnie awards (Best Writing, Best Setting, Best Cover Art), 1 Indie Groundbreaker Award, was used as part of the curriculum at a historically black college, and was accepted into the collections of a handful of museums.

First Age

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Is anyone else going to Jump towards the Deepnight Revelation? I don't want to be all alone in the night.


With so many other tempting SF RPGs that I run, will I ever get Traveller back to the table? Rift sits on my shelf barely opened, but this campaign looks to be more up my alley.
Well, the bottom line is, I'd love to play it.
But I think I would never run it.
Plus it won't go away if you don't back it.