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Currently running my own High Flyin' Bastards game on Tuesday nights (it's basically Firefly/Serenity with the serial numbers knocked off. I found the commercial rulesets too cumbersome - my rules are 3 pages).
Also running Stone & Wood (but not in Donaldson's Land, in my own version of it) on a Wednesday/Thursday night.
I find I can't run games in settings based on films/books/tv etc. - I'd much rather take the setting and mess around with it a bit. That way, players can easily get an idea what the setting is like, without getting distracted by plots they've seen or read about or expecting their favourite character to turn up.
Anyhow, on that note, my next game will be High Plains Drifters, using the HFB rules but set in the "Far West" (per Skarka's never completed Far West rpg). Players are just creating their characters now.

First Age

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More Pathfinder 2e, deep in an ancient magical complex searching for an artifact that calls to them ever deeper.

Thought I got them with a huge spider but @pedr finished it off with an amazing roguish rapier critical!

Today I ran Camp Flying Moose for Girls of All Kinds, a wholesome magical game of summer camp mysteries that was featured in the Bundle for Racial Justice: there were five campers in the Fighting Otters cabin who were faced with taking part in Raft Day.

After a good start getting supplies to build their raft, they faced a major setback with the disappearance of their cabin, with their only clue being a distant, loud quacking coming from the woods. Following the sounds, they found that their cabin was actually the Hut of Baba Yaga and was making it's way to the river by itself!

Heroically, one of the girls flung herself into the cabin and tried to steer it with the help of some friendly spiders, while the others bound some fallen logs together with duct tape and started frantically rowing after them; after most of them ended up in the river at some point, they eventually managed to stop the cabin before it went over a waterfall and all worked together to get it safely ashore once again, whereupon it was met by a luxury resort hotel with spa... on huge duck feet.

This was such a fun game, with everyone sparking off each other and sharing silly ideas that had us all giggling like the kids we were playing throughout; it's definitely going on my regular play list now.
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More Camp Flying Moose shenanigans yesterday: a Prank War broke out in camp after supper, with Rhiannon plotting revenge on the Badger Cabin for last year's 'Bigfoot' prank, while Ryn tried to get Jamie and Cherry to help her payback her favour to 'Arry 'Arrison, the spider who lives in their cabin. Rhiannon's plot was derailed when she actually ended up running a game of 'Mazes & Monsters' for the twins from Badger Cabin instead of just using the game as a distraction, while Cherry accidentally got a super-charge of electricity while trying to wire up an insect attractor for Ryn.

While all this was occurring, Ryn got caught in a net trap which was then picked up by a giant moth-lady who tried to fly away with her, until Ryn cut through the net and casually asked "If I punched you in the head, would you put me back on the ground?" The other girls took Cherry to the infirmary to have her checked out, but she was fine, if a little magnetic... Taking her back outside to a chorus of twangs! from the darkness as more campers got netted by moth-ladies, Jamie grabbed Cherry's arm and swung her around like a turret, firing a bolt of electricity from her hand like a Tesla cannon! This freed one of the netted campers at about the same time as Ryn managed to negotiate a deal with her captor: her cabin mates would go with the moths to be an audience for a special event, while the campers would be returned... to the lake! Prank!

The next morning at breakfast, a bunch of miserable, soaked campers nevertheless had to applaud he girls for their epic stunt, except for their nemesis, Tabitha of Badger Cabin, but she got her comeuppance unexpectedly when she went back to her cabin later...

We're probably going to play this again: the way the game is set-up to do one-shots in an episodic format makes it very accessible and moreish!


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We Vaesen-ed again last night, despite Google Meet conspiring against us generally and Julian specifically. We ended up falling back to Hangouts.
I learned that opening a second Google Meet or Hangouts stream causes a Chromebook to black screen and restart, taking all of fifteen seconds. Just don't do it!

The game is proceeding nicely; only watch out is that only one of the characters is lower class and at the moment there is a gulf between him and the Private Detective, his Servant and the Doctor. I'm sure that our Hunter will show his worth (indeed, he just has) and we'll all end up friends despite him being one of the unwashed masses. Fun game, lovely player group.

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I have a copy of Scum and Villainy and would love to try and give it ago.
If you're into PbP I've got two S&V games going at the moment.

Smuggling IC thread/OOC thread.

The Outfit (sort of Peaky Blinders in space, S&V/BITD hybrid) IC thread/OOC thread

One of the players has just dropped out of the second one, so we're in the market for a face.

I'm just starting to pull together prep for a third one as the first one is drawing towards its conclusion, It's a sort of pirate hunting/bounty hunter arc and I'm thinking of trying to run it on a weekly basis on Roll20 rather than PbP, although I'd need a group in the same time zone to do that. The games are all set in the same 'verse.
Goodness. I'd like to try this PbP malarkey again.
I've just tried it for the first time on these two games and I like some aspects of it a lot. Because it's not in realtime, you can take some time to think about stuff, which makes it easier to handle players going off on tangents. About 2/3 of the action in my first S&V game was well off-script improv.