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First Age

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Heroes will form out of the mists as we start our epic story in Tri-Kazel tonight. Beauty, wonder and horror as we explore the world of @EsterenOfficiel 'Shadow of Esteren' #rpg. Mysteries to solve, adventures to be had.


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Ran 13th Age Glorantha at Go Play Manchester 3, where 2 games worth of tables nestled snuggly between games of D&D and a BIG Card Gaming Tournament.

My Verdict on 13th Age Glorantha.


The basic rules as a D&D version, meet my criteria of being light enough to hold in my head, yet have enough depth and options so the players can have a fun time.

The Runes and the One Unique Thing rules enriched the roleplaying sections and let the players take ownership of the game, where normally its more too and fro of me answering questions on the finer nitpicky details of Glorantha. Combat was WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHOOO the big epic clash that the art and prose of Glorantha has always promised, but neither RQ or HQ has delivered, and again the Runes and OUT as well as the player led Feat/Special abilities system powered that.

It's likely to be my vehicle for Glorantha for the foreseeable future and I'll be looking into using the main rule book as written for fun fantasy frolics too. There's a good chance that it might get a Sci-fi/Video game inspired standalone using the 13th Age SRD :)


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Yes, Yes, and Yes! :D

I was in the mood that I was moving away from the OSR experience, for a variety of reasons but chief amongst them rules-fatigue, and recent games of D&D 5th and now 13th Age has shown me the way forward :) Also nice to know that Beyond Dread Portals (that I'm Kickstarting next month) is firmly in this post OSR camp too.
Whartson Hall wrapped up Roger Bell_West's Cyberpunk 2020 game this week, blundering cluelessly through to a dockside shootout despite all of the investigative resources at our disposal. This is what happens when a bunch of tired middle-aged friends try to play RPGs shortly after work on a Tuesday.

Next week we switch GM and system to launch into Masks of Nyarlathotep proper, having tried a slightly rejigged version of the new intro adventure a few months ago. Between chapters I'll probably take over to give the GM a break and run something short. Recently this has been Moody & Grey, my setting of Edwardian investigators into the Ab-natural using the Forgotten Futures rules, but I think a change of pace will be a good idea and I'm looking at running something with the Hero System.
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Just finished playing a short campaign of Numenera based in and around the Jade Colossus. A lot of fun, but not sure I'd ever want to run it - you can get some pretty wacky game-breaky powers as a player.

Now got my Darkening of Mirkwood game prepped up in emacs/org-mode and ready to go on Monday.
I've just had an interesting experience designing and running something and this is a good enough thread to getting off my chest.

I'm at 7Hills game con. Each year it has a theme. Lovely USP. You also have to submit the games you're offering to Referee months in advance - because the prebooking system is so organised.

The theme this year is "Historical". Foxed me a bit. So I submitted two game blurbs with no idea of what I was actually going to do. One of them was "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" (based on the title of an excellent '70s TV series dramatising stories from Conan Doyle's contemporaries). That's all I had. I thought I'd fill in the details nearer the time.

Didn't get around to it.

So I came up to Sheffield Friday night to sit in my room and write it.

Didn't do it.

So got up Saturday morning at 6 am on the day of the scenario with no idea, just a title and vague blurb about Holmes and Watson being murdered and sat down with my iPad, Wikipedia and an exercise book....

It turns out Holmes murder was staged by Kaiser Wilhelm who loved his grandmother - Queen Victoria - whom he'd cradled in his arms as she died. He hated the idea of Edward VII taking the throne. When he'd been "Good Time Bertie" the old Prince of Wales had brought shame upon Wilhelm's grandparents and directly contributed to his grandfathers death.

So he'd dug up an old scandal about Bertie's affair with Lady Churchill and allegations that the up and coming firebrand MP Winston Churchill was actually the Price of Wales' (now King) illegitimate son. Actual historical facts, this.

Holmes, of course, would see through the Kaiser's plot so he would need to be taken out of the picture and lesser detectives brought in the "discover" the scandal. Enter the PCs

Throw in some actual newspaper headlines from the date I'd randomly chosen - which the players seized on a worked in - and bang! I had a scenario.

As far would have it, as usual when I have a secret German bad guy, Udo and Doerte chose to play in my game! Luckily this time they didn't uncover the fact that they were the Kaiser's dupes and dutifully uncovered the scandal and put the facts into the hands of the 12 Irish politicians who - it turned out - had been physically removed from Westminster and the date I'd randomly chosen for the game.

I knew one of this when I sat down at 6:00 and started writing....

It turns out History actually has some interesting plot hooks.

I'll be running this game again.
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Playing The Esoterrorists every two weeks on Hangouts, as we work through the sprawling campaign that is Worldbreaker and alternating with Dr Mitch's The One Ring take on The Darkening of Mirkwood which is hosted here. Both groups have been together for a while, so we just use the basic Hangouts tools; people's dice rolls are taken on trust (and the number of Eye of Sauron results that come up in TOR mean you know it's honest).

Not running at the moment, mainly GMing at Cons, but Dr Mitch is hinting that I need to roll out The Curse of Strahd sometime this year.


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Delighted that my Tuesday D&D game has started to explore the whimsical, weird and sinister Dolmenwood. I have wanted to run it for years, and I decided to splice it into Northern Faerun replacing Lurkwood which is roughly the same shape.
We are halfway through "Winter's Heart", the first adventure with a 5e version. Already the weird is seeping in.



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With have just started a Call of Cthulhu 7e campaign with the Derby Mongrels. Played through the Lurker in the Attic and now are heading towards a lunatic asylum, that shouldn’t go wrong now?
I’ve just started a Squadron U.K. campaign at my local club. I’ll be doing the example campaign from the rulebook, again. I think my blog record of it is being pulled through into the Actual Play thread.

The players are nice people but - dear god - they haven’t got their minds around being SuperHEROES yet. They seem to be trying to bring the D&D murder hobo attitude to my table.

I’m glad I started the table with a one off using pregens. When I start the campaign proper this week we’ll already have had the difficult conversations. We can start things on the same page.


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I’ve actually been gaming a lot more than I usually do. Two weeks ago it was a D6 Star Wars. Last weekend I ran a game of Empires Rising and played in a game of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. This Saturday I’m running another instalment of my D6 Star Wars game.
Playing that old favourite Earthdawn (1st Edition) , been playing this since it came out off and on. The 1st Ed is still my favourite of all the Editions of this game. With a 1st time GM as well, he is not doing to bad for his 1st time behind the screen. The funniest thing is our usual Earthdawn GM is playing and has to deal with the "Rules" we Players have to deal with :) .
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