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A new D&D campaign has sprung to life from the theatre people and planning and running it has brought me joy and #hopepunk. It'll probably turn out to be in Faerun, but for now it's about a tiefling warlock, a halfling assassin, and a charmingly mercenary barbarian called Maude.

The Weds night D&D that @DMGuy runs is scary, intense and starting to reveal complex layers. @pedr ALEKS and I are really grokking it and the command of Roll20 and D&D Beyond evidenced in game.

Our Thursday night Symbaroum game from @Vodkashok continues to delight as we segue from one campaign book to the next. A major PC is retiring and I am interested in how that will change things. It's the setting and the horror of the game I love, and the core ambiguity of who the bad guys really are... All of us, I suspect..
I struggle with time commitments so only have 1 ongoing game at a time each week at a friend's house. Currently playing Numenera, enjoying the easy to grasp system and the setting which is a nice blend of fantasy and sci-fi.

Whilst this is going on, I've started planning on running the Darkening of Mirkwood for The One Ring. I love how the book is written, it doesn't try handholding like a lot of campaign books, just providing the most pertinent points. Yes, it means more work for the GM, but you a) don't get bogged down in irrelevant detail and b) the work you do should help tailor the campaign to fit your players and PCs - theoretically anyway - it will be tested in a couple of months.


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I'm currently playing in a D&D 5e game with my Sunday group at home. We're maybe half way through The Lost Mine of Phandelver, which is the first experience any of us except the DM has with 5e. We've been playing for a year now, a couple of hours a week most weeks. I'm not really getting into the game much, I think it could be cognitive dissonance. Despite all the external trappings (and the assurances of my fellow players), this game doesn't feel like D&D to me.

On the running side of things, I'm using Roll20 to run a midweek game where I'm trying to convert a Fate game I run at conventions to Fate Accelerated. I'm not sure I've got the conversion right though, so more tweaking is needed. In general, this midweek slot is being used by myself and another GM to test out our con games before inflicting them on the general public. Experience thus far tells me it takes something like 6 3-hour online sessions to get through a 4-hour con game.
A little late, I fear, but although I have no regular game/group I ran a homebrew HQ in Prax for my LMP (younger daughter's) 13th birthday at the beginning of the month. Four gamers, 2 first-timers, in Hunt for the Cloud Calf. I'll be running it, and Green Tide Rising (also HQ) at Glorantha Games in Birmingham next month...


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Still playing Symbaroum, 5e online on Weds, and running 5e on alternate Tuesdays.
Nice one off of 7th Sea run by a new friend on a recent Sunday all day session at ours.


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Getting started on a new Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game at the MK RPG club: Justice for Froz! The game is set around the time of Empire/RotJ and features a smuggling crew trying to get justice (and pay!) from the victims of a genocidal attack by the Empire. There's plenty of fun to be had in and around the Corellia sector. And just a quick improvised firefight after the chargen reinforced just how much pulpy fun the system encourages.

We've just done some of the character generation so far, and have a Force-using war orphan, a Corellian pilot, and a reformed bounty hunter. Remaining chargen, and play, starts next week!


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I belong to a new group that meets up once every six to eight weeks for a weekend of gaming. The group primarily uses GURPS. I have been running my English Civil War game with a supernatural twist, and some Empires Rising. Both games are proving very popular. I should be running another instalment of my Civil War game in a couple of weeks time.


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I'm getting my gaming fix from conventions, and the mighty monthly Go Play Manchester which I organise.

We've had two monthly meetups so far. January was the busiest with five tables, in part due to guest GMs from over the wrong side of the hills (that will be Guy Milner and Dr Mitch, cheers chaps). Feb was a bit thin on the ground, two perfectly formed tables of just John Ossoway and myself. March's meetup is shaping up to be three tables, of me offering 13th Age Glorantha (gulp, a week to learn the system and how the twiddly bits work!) and two neophyte members who have stepped forward from the ranks to run games- which is awesome in itself. One thing that has surprised me is despite the one-shot convention style, and being held in the busy Fanboy 3 (which is another thing of awesome - the new shop really rocks hard), its a really laid back season, almost like being at home. I've run twice, popping my D&D 5th cheery (GPM I) and running OpenQuest with the new social contest mechanics (GPM2). Both games players engaged and happy, and more than willing to put up with my GM fumbles :) On reflection its a little meetup with a whole lot of warmth and heart, which has exceeded my expectations.

Next one is on Sunday, March 10th at Fanboy 3 in Manchester.



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Cheers. It's been something I've been mulling over for a while. Its a big hole in D100 Gaming in my opinion. To honest, only clicked what I wanted to do the night before I ran it. So I'm very glad that it worked. A rough write up and blog post some time soon ;)
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Sometimes, gaming is sparse. These are not those times...

Sporadic Sundays: D&D 5e - 'The War in Heaven' - an epic scope Elf-centric golden age game based around an elf civil war. You know how every setting seems to have really cool ancient shit done by elves? This is that time.

Sporadic Thursdays - Symbaroum. I'm sure you've heard this one before but we are playing through the Throne of Thorns and after over a year of play we have done the Copper Crown intro and then the Wrath of the Wardens. The characters - I shudder to call them heroes - have arrived at Karvosti, the seat of the Barbarian chieftain, and its all looking a little grim. The campaign is great and never fails to deliver something at the table.

Every Thursday - D&D 5e at the D&D Club. My wonderful gang of neophyte gamers continue to bounce and squee their way through your run of the mill prophecy-driven, zombie apocolpyse high fantasy nonsense. They're an absolute pleasure to run for, hanging on every moment of tension and cheering every great dice roll. Its utterly refreshing.


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Cheers. It's been something I've been mulling over for a while. Its a big hole in D100 Gaming in my opinion. To honest, only clicked what I wanted to do the night before I ran it. So I'm very glad that it worked. A rough write up and blog post some time soon ;)
Look forward to reading it.
I'm in a great weekly campaign of Stars Without Number. Unfortunately it has a finite end as the GM doesn't want to run during his final year at Uni. But lots of laughs and plenty of emotion & action while we play an unlikely group in a sub-Firefly setting. The system is ok so far but just starting to break down as we near 7th level. It is fun playing with near/neophytes with fewer preconceptions and less jaded reactions. Plus the GM does amazing accents :) .

Just starting Shadows of Esteren (courtesy of First Age) on Thursday nights.
Also in his bi-monthly/monthly Forbidden Lands.
Playing Pathfinder's Kingmaker adventure series, adapted for 5th ed. Occasional long weekends. Alternates with:
Playing Seventh Sea set in a slightly fantastical realworld 17th century where we have been reluctantly working for Cardinal Richelieu and are now shipwrecked in the Caribbean with Rochefort.
Occasionally playing a high-fantasy but also very gritty Roman invasion of Britain. Chariot-riding Parisi. 5th ed. D&D

Running two L5R groups in the same timeline on occasional long weekends. One group dealing with Empire-wide shocks while the other resolve smaller-scale issues in a couple of neighbouring provinces.
Just finished running a section of the main campaign above for the Thursday group, wherein they are amongst the few witnesses to the untimely death of Emperor Toturi I.
Also occasionally running The Palantir Quest, set in 4th age Middle-Earth, using Rolemaster. One session so far, likely bi-monthly.


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Lovely game of D&D tonight, and half way thru the players took a quest to find the King of Cats, and were transformed into cats. So I got out the Cat RPG from John Wick and we played the second half using that system.

We loved it.


Left to right: Maude, De'rek and Tatron


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The Derby Mongrels have finished the first part of my Tales from the Loop campaign so we have started a new campaign with a different GM. I am actually playing a PC! Woot! 😃

We are now playing Savage Worlds set in a UK version of the ‘Last of Us’ setting. It’s going great so far even with my innate distrust of the SW rule set due to past bad experiences.
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