[WH40K] Warhammer 40,000 Wrath and Glory reborn (by Cubicle7)

Okay, one of the most lore laden universes in geekdom, Warhammer 40,000, is finally nearing rebirth, having been purified by Cubicle7 with the right level of grim darkness that Ulisses North America missed.

Welcome to Wrath and Glory reborn.

The new artwork basically screams out the darkness of Gothic Space Fantasy. Though the d6 dice pool makes the game a bit more heroic than the percentile d100 system of the classic Dark Heresy series.

I will be running both versions, but expect more of the d6 dice pools, since, I personally prefer dice pool game mechanics.

Lord Inquisitor, those xenos keep sprouting everywhere despite the righteous fury of The Emperor's wrath.

Character Archetypes of the 41st Millenium (no strangers to triage).

The Sister Hospitalier has you covered (try not to squirm, it just makes it worse).

First Age

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Looking good. Fading Suns Kickstarter looking good. The 40K system is similar to my new Tripod system, Wordplay 2. Funky D6 pools for the win.
New Tripod system? The 40K system is pretty much identical to the Ubiquity system, which is loosely based on WEG D6 system.
Since I own some Ubiquity games and played through Space 1889 in particular, and also having tried out Wordplay, I would say that Wrath and Glory is closer to Wordplay mechanically, though both have things in common with Ubiquity, in that for each d6 you have a 50% chance to succeed on that die roll, not the pool, mind you. In both systems you count up all your successful dice against a target number needed to succeed.

In Ubiquity each d6 die is a success if it rolls an even number. In Wordplay just like in Wrath and Glory, you also have the each d6 die split in half but the failures are on pips 1,2,3, and successes on 4, 5, 6, but with 6 offering extra successes. You do not get that extra success with the Ubiquity dice.
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Though, from that list, sadly, it seems "Wrath and Glory" will not be as deep as the Fantasy Flight Games editions, but a nice quick pick-me-up game that should attract newbies.

The extra archtypes are in Forsaken Player's Guide instead of focused sourcebooks. But if that new book is like over 200 pages, then, it should be good enough (hoping for at least 250 with lots of character art).
  • Twenty new playable Archetypes, complete with new Wargear, Abilities, and Psychic Powers.
  • Three new playable Species: Ogryns, Ratlings, and Kroot.
I missed the "Imperial Cities" a set of six books. Aha! Now we have hope for Wrath and Glory and lots of splurging to come.

Imperial Cities
Imperial Cities is a six book series detailing the most powerful locales of the Gilead System. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about life on an agri world, forge world, shrine world, hive world or knight world, these setting guides were made for you, offering guidance for running adventures on the Imperium’s endlessly diverse worlds. Each book features:
Why, this is clearly the legacy of the LODE system first seen in Legends Walk! ;)
Sort of like Word Perfect which was probably used so rarely to type earlier RPG rule books. Hardly, anybody remembers it today.

On the other hand, Microsoft Word remains the gold standard, sort of like where Cubicle7 is heading with Wrath and Glory for the d6 mechanics in their top trending RPGs.