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I have been tidying up and putting away my RPGs in my new study.
Loads of books that I love, systems I rate and have played or *want* to play.
At the end of it I picked up my Symbaroum rulebook and put it in the drawer with @Vodkashok 's GM books.
Then it hit me.
I have played more Symbaroum than most games on my shelves. Not because of the system, but the campaigns and the sheer pleasure of our mutual group. It has been an unexpected favourite.

What games have crept up on you and looking back you realise you have played loads of..?


Rune Priest
What games have crept up on you and looking back you realise you have played loads of..?
Recently, it's been Spirit of the Century. I thought it was complete waste of space after 2-3 sessions, and now we're just starting our 4th season of the ongoing campaign, each session being about 9-10 months of playing time. Playing lots at Fate at cons and in our online game has helped me appreciate the system more.

Before that, no doubt it has to have been Call of Cthulhu. Played a surprising amount of it, managed to develop our own bits of myth and legend: "Doc's lucky gun" and "Doc's journal" being two remnants from a now-departed PC. Only on my second character, although he was spending every night in the hospital get blood transfusions when we last saw him.
Trail of Cthulhu. I was bored sick of the Cthulhu Mythos. I didn't see that the Gumshoe system solved a problem I was having.

But I got sucked in through some actually fresh and original takes, and found the system really nice for pacing and spotlight sharing. I've run The Final Revelation, which was fantastic, and so very bleak it felt like a work of art. Cthulhu Apocalypse, which I'm half-way through running now, though with a long break, it just as bleak and just as good. There have also been a couple of one shots.

It's never going to be my main game, but it's been very persistent, and I'm not done with it yet.