U.K. Games Expo awards

My game - THE CODE OF WARRIORS AND WIZARDRY - has been shortlisted for a UK Games Expo award in the category of Best RPG.

If you're going to the event and have ever enjoyed one of my games I'd be extremely pleased and grateful if you'd consider voting for it and/or seeking it out.

I'd also be extremely grateful if any of you would consider running some games of it in the Open Gaming Area. If you'd be interested in doing this, just let me know and I'll get in touch. I'll be running it myself in the Open Gaming Area on the Thursday night before the Expo proper.

It'll be available exclusively from Leisure Games at the Expo itself.

The game comes in two formats: a small (6"x9") paperback and a deluxe full colour hardback.

It's currently on sale at:


Thanks for your support!

Ps. Don't forget to vote for Paul's Cthulhu Hack scenario. Is there anyone else I should be voting for?