[generic] Token Stamp for Online Gaming


The Guvnor
Staff member
What’s it for?
You can use the token stamp to make character tokens for table top rpg games like Dungeons and Dragons. These can be printed out or used with online rpg software like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

How to make an rpg character token.
  1. Find an image of the character you want to create for your gaming session and drag the image onto the token stamp page.
  2. The image will load into the workspace and you can customize your token with the colour and border options at the top.
  3. Once you are happy with your token either download it to your computer or upload it to imgur for safe keeping with the buttons provided on the right hand side.
  4. Image. Configure. Stamp. Repeat.


Rune Priest
Back in the day when I was running online games using MapTool (which still has better functionality than Roll20 IMHO), I used the corresponding tool for creating tokens, TokenTool. Java-based, worked pretty well.