North Star Timeline going forward


Staff member
Timeline as we head towards North Star Online 2020. We are 8 days away from the convention, which really is quite scary.
  • Thu 21st May - GM slot pre-booking opens
  • Sun 24th May - GM slot booking closes
  • Mon 25th May - Player slot booking opens
  • Wed 27th May - Player slot booking closes
  • Thu 28th May - Player/GM groups confirmed.
  • Sat 30th May - Game on!

If GMs complete earlier, then I will open the player booking earlier.

Realities - we could have done with one more game in each slot, but I am hoping that this will be covered by the fact quite a few players said they only wanted to do a couple of slots, or that we may have some GMs squeeze in more. However, there is a chance you may be disappointed in some slots.

Once players and GMs are known, I will make an email introduction to you all so you can finalise the VTT etc. We asked for permission for this in the GDPR declaration because there is no practical way that we can do this otherwise. We will send the GM and other players each other's contact details. Don't forget you can do a messenger room here on the North Star Facebook page if you want to.