Time and the Earth Standard Calendar

When I first set up ‘The Currents of Space’, I wasn’t too concerned about keeping track of time, other than what had happened to the PC’s during character generation. However, it’s become apparent that I need to pin this down a little more exactly; especially as the whereabouts of the “Oberon” and the “Alabama” at any given time might become relevant.

It isn’t absolutely necessary, it could be hand-waved; but I like things to be tidy

So, the Earth Standard Calendar (ESC) was born.

Now, I could dress this up with a load of PSB; but basically it boils down to being a simple system that works and ties in neatly with the workings of the hyperspace drive (and a lot of the SOLO/ HOSTILE systems.)

The ESC divides each year into 12 months of 4 weeks, each of 7 days (i.e. 28 days per month)

Hyperspace drives are measured in terms of parsecs covered each week.

Planet-side encounters are checked once per week.


Dates are recorded in the form Year-Month.Day

E.g.2226-01.23 is the twenty-third day of the first month of 2226.

All future posts will have the date on them; I’m not going to go back and amend the earlier posts directly; but I will post a synopsis of the dates that various Episodes occurred (as I said, I like things to be tidy.)

As a side note, as aging can make a difference in CEPHEUS/ HOSTILE; I gave each PC a birthday. This is the (real) month that they were created in, the day was rolled randomly.

E.g. Achernar’s birthday is 2187-02.18.

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