Other Games The Journal of Dr Frank Victor

Three months ago I started playing - not refereeing - a Savage Worlds game at my local games club.

I’d been told it was a Savage Worlds “Black powder” game with pirates.

I decided to keep a record of the game on a blog.

I accidentally pasted the writeup of the final session on my convention blog and before I could delete it, it got pulled through to this forum.

Some people have asked to see the rest of it, so I’ll copy the chapters here.
Being an extract from the journal of Dr “Frank Victor”.

Entry 1: following an unpleasantness in my previous place of abode, I have taken upon myself this new identity with the intent of avoiding those who seek me and continuing with my researches. Hopefully it is far enough across the world of Alvenein from my humble origins to allow me this fresh start.

I have fallen in with a small group of fellow miscreants and vagabonds:

Methuselah Smith - an itinerant navigator and sailor. He is a Nautolan - a humanoid with tentacles in place of hair - as at home beneath the waves as he is on land.

“Hannah” (I w the name is more properly something like “Haan’argh” but am unsure as to the spelling.) An Avian, her non-human components bearing similarity to some form of snow owl.

Tabitha Khan, a Rajasthan - a feline humanoid - with tiger like features and personality.

(They all have fascinating anatomies which I hope to have the opportunity to study in more detail in the future.)

At Methuselah’s suggestion we have pooled the last of our resources to acquire a small, rather battered galley. A three cannon craft with a crew of six.

(Pew, Pew, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub.)

The craft had suffered misuse and her figurehead was mostly missing. An ill omen to most sailors which enabled us to acquire it cheaply.

(It has entertained me to purchase further figurehead remnants from local wrecks and lash them together.)

We have called our new craft - The Chimera.

So equipped, we have determined to try our hand at sea-borne brigandry. Determining to start small we decided to assault a lesser vessel transporting foodstuffs - which I’d heard about on my travels.

Hannah was tasked with scouting the vessel but her report was unclear . (It seems she may have a problem with alcohol.)

Fortunately I was able to clear her head with a medicinal brew, and her second scouting mission yielded more coherent details of our target’s crew and heading.

(Side note - the stimulant I used seems to be particularly effective upon avians. Hannah was unable to sleep -or get drunk, or stand still - for some 48 hours.)

Fortified with our intelligence - and taking advantage of Tabitha’s ability to see in low light - we were able to successfully track, follow and approach our prey under the cover of night. As dawn broke we were abeam and boarded her easily. Two of our target’s crew were killed in the initial assault. (I was unable to resuscitate them.) The rest were easily captured except for the Captain who concealed himself in his cabin to ambush an over confident and unwary Hannah. He was readily overpowered, however.

Whilst my comrades tortured the captives for information, I scoured the ship’s records and manifest - cataloguing she ships cargo and uncovering illicit goods. Muskets due for sale to the Rakashans - an illegal trade.

A family of furriers were travelling as passengers on a family vacation. We took them to hold for ransom.

Apparently the Captain displeased Tabitha who shot him in the head. Again I was unable to resuscitate him.

(Side note: the body can survive when limbs and some organs are lost or damaged. Others seem critical. The heart is a pump sending vital humours around the body via the blood system. If it is damaged it makes sense for the body to die. But why is the brain so important and how does the body know when it is damaged? More research is needed.)

Determining to sell our goods and captured ship for Bounty we have set off for the friendly port of Micante. My comrades decided against ransoming our captives. Too much effort. We have, instead, put them off at a fishing village, unharmed.
Entry 2:

Having found a likely fishing community, we approached. At Methuselah’s suggestion we entered harbour with Skylark (The Chimera’s dinghy) slung between our two vessels. A strange manoeuvre which I have never seen or read about. Its intent still defies me.

Hannah scouted the settlement and - upon return - drew a full detailed map with full population annotations.

(Note: it seems the herb I used is still efficacious.)

We deposited our captives without making contact with the natives and set sail for Micante.

The journey was not without incident. Though a skilled navigator, Methuselah found himself off course when we approached shore. He determined the reason but, not believing his conclusions, called upon me for a second opinion. From my reading of astronomical tomes, I agreed with him. The great star Migsah has moved - an unheard of and historic event.

(Note: Despite much research and many theories. no-one knows what the stars actually ARE yet. However, there are far more mysteries to be solved within the human body than in the heavens and that is where I shall continue to focus my research.)

We made port at Micante, gave the crew furlough, and Methuselah, and myself (Hannah having, strangely, elected to remain aboard ship - and Tabitha being nowhere to be seen) headed to a local hostelry. Once within we plied the barkeep and he directed us towards a local fence. This was a Saurian, by the name of Tyrann. His face was marred by a massive scar which bracketed an empty eye socket.

(Had I treated the wound the scar would have been much reduced. I may even have been able to save or repair the eye. Clearly Saurian medicine is in its infancy.)

Tyrann claimed to be able to act as broker for our “salvage” so a deal was struck. Whilst Methuselah went to the bar to fetch drinks to seal the agreement, I slipped Tyrann a note detailing a few requirements of my own.

Upon return to The Chimera we discovered that Hannah had fallen ill. It seems she’d been unwell for a while but had chosen to conceal this fact. Silly girl! Why do people do that?

I quickly determined she had a fever and consigned her to bed. I had Cuthbert bring her lentil soup. (Feed a fever. Chicken soup being contraindicated for avians.)

At dawn, Tyrann arrived on board. He bore mixed news. He had managed to sell our bounty - “The Kipper” - to a local shipyard for spare parts. Unfortunately the negotiations had necessitated him disposing of one of the links in the sales chain and he had fallen foul of the local authorities. He threw himself on our mercy and begged us to depart immediately following the sale. Tabitha attempted to throw some shade upon Methuselah and my own commercial skills but she was given short thrift. We now have a new partner in our venture.

(The fact that Tyrann had exceeded my expectations and delivered all the goods I needed to set up a new laboratory may have influenced my vote. Also the chance to study yet another non-human anatomy up close. This voyage is yielding unforeseen opportunities for study.)

Though we’d had little chance to restock, we still had sufficient resources taken upon our first venture to support another voyage so we immediately set sail.

Methuselah accepted my suggestion that we seek to attack a ship which drifted out of the shipping lanes due it its navigator not spotting the change in the position of Migsah. However, rather than waiting to shadow a ship leaving port, as I suggested, he chose to have us set out blindly to see what fate delivered.

Hannah, alas, was little recovered. Experimentally, I slipped a small pinch of herb into her next bowl of soup and she brightened immediately - demanding more.

(Note: positively I have discovered that her illness seems to have been a withdrawal from the herb I gave her before our first adventure. She now has no interest in alcohol. Alas, her craving has transferred to the herb I administered. And I have a limited supply.)

Shortly after leaving Micante we were hit by an unseasonal squall. I sequestered my myself below decks to wait it out. Strangely I saw flashes of lightning but heard no thunder. I presume the lightning was so far off that what thunder reached our craft was muffled by my cabin’s walls.

Alas I found myself unable to set up a working laboratory on a moving ship. I may have to ask Grubb - the ship’s artisan - for advice.

As the squall passed, Methuselah called me to the deck in a panic. It seemed there was a great hole in the heavens where all the stars had disappeared. As I came on deck the stars reappeared as the great asteroid Shaidar completed its passage across the skies. I take it the viridian hue on Methuselah’s cheeks is how Nautolans express embarrassment.

We sent the healing Hannah aloft to seek prey. She reported a small craft on the horizon. As we neared, however, it became clear that this was, in fact, a much (much) bigger vessel.

We should have turned tail and fled.

But, emboldened by our target’s lack of motion - and taking advantage of Tabitha’s night vision - we approached closer. Hannah bravely flew a sortie directly onto the ship.

(That herb has marvellous powers.)

She reported it deserted.

The ship was the massive multi-cannoned warship, The Viceroy. (Yes, THAT Viceroy.) Specifically tasked with hunting down brigands such as The Chimera.

We should have turned tail and fled.

The only thing that scares we more than a ship with two dozen cannons is something which could defeat such a vessel - and leave no trace!

But Tabithah was beside herself with avarice, frisking about like a kitten in heat. And, dammit, I just needed to KNOW what had happened aboard that ship.

So we boarded her.

There was no trace of the crew. No blood. No signs of a struggle. The Captain’s log showed nothing untoward. There were half eaten meals. Items on the floor which seemed to have been dropped. No rats, no livestock. It was as if the crew, and every living creature on board, (except for the ship’s parrot) had simply - disappeared.

We should have turned tail and fled.
Entry 3:

SUCCESS! I have wrestled God himself and made strides to advance the knowledge of Mankind manifold.

But I get ahead of myself.

We searched the Viceroy from stem to stern and found no further clues as to the disappearance of her crew. We recovered the ownership papers assigned to her owner/Captain Cecil Buttercup. And the ships treasury. Also an assassination warrant for any the Captain deemed a pirate.

I restocked my medicines (including a small boost to my Laudanum store).

After much (much) discussion we decided to sail the Viceroy to our home base and beach her - the plan being that we could use her guns for defence whilst we stripped her at our leisure.

Clearly the 12 of us was completely inadequate to the task - it took half a day merely to turn the ship onto the correct heading. Still I sorted out appropriate rest periods, to allow for maximum efficiency and we set sail - the Chimera in tow.

Each day Hannah was sent aloft to scout.

On the second day we saw a storm ahead - similar to the one preceding the discovery of the abandoned Viceroy. But it dissipated before we could actually encounter it.

The following day brought a near encounter with a small mercantile vessel of some kind. Tabitha cunningly raised the plague flag and they avoided us.

There was then some slight unpleasantness when Hannah tore down the flag and threw it into the ocean. It seems she was bored by the voyage and thought that - as pirates - we should attack the merchant craft. She was confined below decks.

(Note: I do not see how the medicine I am administering to her to control her alcoholic cravings could affect her behaviour in this way. But she IS an avian so this is a possibility. More research is needed. I’ll try altering the amount and content of medicine I her daily coffee. I need to do this anyway, only having 15 doses left.)

(Further note: upon confining her, Methuselah referred to her as “Mister” Hannah. Apparently Nautolans consider it unlucky to have females aboard ship - a custom I find hard to fathom. It has something to do with their propensity to have broods of 20 or so offspring. From the resulting conversation discovered that Hannah has been barren for over 30 years.)

Due to the high work demands of keeping such a huge ship sailing - even if only in a straight line - we are all on minimum sleep hours. Even so, I was awoken from my slumber. It seemed that the strange storm was now astern. Whilst scanning it with his telescope, to see if the merchantman from earlier in the day had been ensnared, Methuselah had again noticed a great hole in the sky where the stars had disappeared. No appropriate explanation immediately vouchsafed itself but I fail to see how this phenomenon could be a hazard so I chose to ignore it.

(Note: I must talk to a real astronomer at the earliest opportunity about it though. My interest is piqued.)

As morning dawned, we noted a small vessel moving towards us and away from the storm. Hannah (released too soon from her confinement in my opinion - I have withheld further medicinal does for the time being) flew to investigate.

It was a small Nautolan fishing vessel fleeing a strange event within the storm.

The Nautolan crew were permitted to board the Viceroy. I enquired after their experiences. Apparently they’d seen a large warship (not as big as the Viceroy) with her crew like ghostly apparitions passing through the walls - mainly upwards - wailing in terror.

I was unable to enquire further as Tabithah chose the moment to shoot my confidante in the head!

There followed a moment of utter chaos as the innocent fishermen desperately tried to flee massacre at the hands of my shipmates. I physically tackled one and offered him my own personal parole only to have Tyrann slash his throat with his vicious talons.

Still it was a clean kill with no damage to the brain, heart or other major organs. I quickly staunched the blood flow and carried the corpse to my cabin.

It was there that the miracle happened. I applied all of my usually mordant techniques to the dead being and was able to successfully re-animate it!

I have brought LIFE back to inanimate flesh!

Further, an unguent I’d hastily thrown together completely healed the Nautolan’s throat wound.

(Note: I did not track exactly what I threw into the lotion - and it may only prove this effective on Nautolan flesh - but it is a remarkable discovery.)

Not wishing my crew-mates to discover my handiwork, I bound and gagged my patient and concealed him beneath a throw.

I returned to the deck to find the melee concluded. Apparently ship’s cannon had been used to sink the fishing craft. This had led to the fishermen trying to seize The Chimera - which had the bulk of our bounty aboard. Naturally my colleagues had stopped them. The only injury sustained was by Tyrann, who had one of Hannah’s arrows wedged into his empty eye socket.

I was required to instigate a serious conversation. Methuselah had apparently decided he wanted no witnesses to our piracy and ordered the slaughter. However, as a Doctor I am not happy with wanton murder - especially when we are short handed and these fisherfolk could have been press-ganged into service. I received assurances that, at least, my shipmates would in future try to avoid damaging any of the major organs.

(I must repeat my success. I MUST!)
Hmm didn’t like the turn of events in this one, gratuitous and unnecessary violence that shifted the story from an interesting ghostly mystery that might have been linked to the crewless ship mystery to an aimless slasher. I liked that the doctor stayed above it all and in his role, but as a gamer I would have been annoyed at the other players esp Hannarrrrgh after this episode.
Methuselah is the Captain of the ship and a PC. Played by a very egalitarian player who tends to ask for agreement before taking decisions. I tended to try to big him up in the write ups. (Though did you notice the bit where I initiated a conversation challenging the old trope of "it's unlucky to have women on ships?")

I refuse to be drawn in a public forum about how I felt about the wanton, random actions of certain players' characters.

Staying "above it all" and sticking to my own agenda is one of my flaws as a player.
Entry 4:


My Nautolan ressurectee has been nominally co-operative. I explained to him, at length, what the rest of the crew would do were they to discover him alive and this seems to have had the desired effect.

Unfortunately this has meant keeping him bound and gagged for the majority of each day. I have fed and watered him - literally in the case of a Nautolan - regularly. And released him for an hour each day to exercise and undertake his other necessary functions in my cabin. (At pistol-point, of course.)

Over the days I monitored his recovery, interrogated him with regard to his experience of, and memories of, death and undertook further studies - for example inflicting minor cuts upon him and myself to compare the recovery process. All of this is recording in my medical notes. In short, he seems to be fully recovered and his flesh does not seem necrotic. Interestingly Nautolan bodily fluid seems sit somewhere between the blood of mammals and the ichor of lower beasts. "Blichor".

He claims to have no memories past his killing, prior to his re-animation, but I am not sure he is completely honest. When asked his name (not by me), he gave it as "Nauton". (Nauton the Nautolan!)

Above decks the interminable trawl to our destination continued - the needs of sailing such a huge vessel with so Iimited a crew taking tolls upon everyone. There were no more encounters with the strange tempests but Methuselah has been monitored movements in the stars. He feels they are coming to a conjunction of some sorts in between four and eight weeks. This is a fascinating and, if I weren't busy with my own vital researches, I would be actively investigating it myself.

There was one minor incident where Methuselah's poor navigation nearly ran us aground but Tabithah's quick thinking in spinning the ship's wheel violently and randomly saved us - though recovering from that did lengthen this journey even more.

Eventually we were able to beach The Viceroy at our Island and set about converting it into a makeshift fortress - it is much better appointed, armed and comfortable than our previous huts.

There was much discussion about the next steps. I was busy with my researches and didn't partake. Apparently Methuselah wished to put part of our takings into a bank which caused Tabithah much concern. The concept is completely alien to Rakashans.

Eventually it was decided to hie back to Nicante to restock and take on more crew. I was able to transfer my guest to The Chimera in a large chest unnoticed and immediately started to grow a beard and change my hair style to disguise my features. There had been no wanted posters in the town during our last visit, but news does travel eventually.

The voyage to Nicante took two days. However, upon arrival my shipmates took to arguing amongst themselves as to exactly what to do do next, so I headed off into town myself to fulfil my needs. Initially I was unable to make any contacts but Tyrann tracked me down and - between us - we found a supplier able to provide me more of the herb for which Hannah - our avian - has developed such a craving. He was a Rakashan with a shaved arm revealing an anatomical tattoo of a female of his species. As always, I arranged to buy both that and every other strange herb and liquor he possessed - to aid in my researches. A deal was struck - 1,000 gold prices, a bargain! - and payment arranged in 24 hours.

The rest of the crew were relaxing in a tavern but I chose to retire early. In the morning, Methuselah tried to recruit crew members at the dock. Though his rousing speech failed to retain most passerby's interest, a quiet word from myself brought many back. It's a learnt persona but I do have a passable bed-side manner. (The important thing is sincerity. When you can fake that, you've got it made.)

So we had interest from a motley crew of Rakashans, Nautolaons, Saurians and Humans. Alas there were no Mole-men but there were two Rhinotaurs interested. So I had the opportunity to expand my menagerie.

I fulfilled my duties as ship's doctor, checking their general health and rejecting any who were ill or unfit. I was able to check the respiratory functions of most species myself with a quick blow to their solar plexi, but needed Tyrann and Tabitha's help with their individual species. (We didn't bother checking the Rhinotaurs.)

Leaving our crew mates to orient - and equip and armour - our new shipmates, Methuselah and myself trawled the local bookstores. There is no library in Nicante. (We need to travel to a larger city.)

We found no good books on medicine, nor much about the strange storms. All we found were legends - the World was once destroyed by a piglike demonic race and a saviour appeared to rescue The Races and transfer them to our current home. Etc. Apparently this world has a recorded history of only five centuries. Madness! (More research is needed.)

I visited a local apothecary to restock on mundane medicines.

As night fell, Tyrann and I attended our meeting to acquire the more esoteric substances I'd ordered. My crew mates (especially Tabithah) suspected a trap and elaborate arrangements were put in place should the dealer attempt a double cross.

The meeting took place in a warehouse in the docks and went off without a hitch. I tested samples of each substance, payment was made and we transferred a chest containing the full consignment to The Chimera.

One of the samples - a red liquid - had a delayed effect and I passed out. (Note: it may be useful as an anaesthetic for more future surgeries).

I awoke in my cabin. Upon speaking to Nauton, I found that he had been discovered by Tyrann - who, you will recall, was responsible for killing him in the first place - and Tabithah - who was the one who'd asked the Nautolan his name.

(Never name your patients! You'll only get attached to them.)

Strangely, they hadn't killed (re-killed?) him but just left him bound, gagged and covered in his tarpaulin. I cannot help but wonder as to their motives.

Nauton (damn! Now I'M doing it!) became extremely uncooperative - complaining about being bound for over 24 hours and the days (weeks) he'd spent tied to my examining table. He even said he'd rather be dead. Ungrateful beast!

I regagged him and set out to find my shipmates. I suspect I have a serious conversation coming up...
Having successfully brought a being back to life (damn you exploding dice, it was too early in the campaign for my tastes) he had to keep him around to study. I'm sure he intended to release him once he'd gained all the medical data he could. He IS a doctor after all!

And, no, no-one else kept a diary. It was just an experiment of mine. Other players kept notes.

And things always happened in the Tavern with this bunch whilst I was otherwise engaged......
Entry 5.

The world is doomed!

Following the discovery of my resurrected Nautolan, I was consigned to my cabin whilst the Captain, Methuselah Smith, decided what should occur. I was happy to continue my researches - feeding, watering and exercising the specimen as before.

After a couple of days, the verdict was announced. I was required to excise and dispose of my specimen. Apparently, my crime was bringing a Nautolan back to life when I, myself, was a member of an "inferior species". Were it a Nautolan scientist who had wrought this miracle, everything would be fine. But for a mere human to do so is more than the Nautolan racial psyche can accommodate.


I received permission to attempt a second re-animation provided the specimen ended up deceased and disposed of. After smothering, I attempted to bring life back to the Nautolan again and failed. Possibly the effects of being restrained below decks for so long had affected him physically or mentally making my techniques less efficacious.

I was then asked to visit the University. It seems that during my incarceration the Chimera had sailed to the Nation's capital city to investigate the mysterious disappearances of ship crews we had observed. With me confined my shipmates had had little success.

At the University we first visited the astronomical department to review Methuselah's theory about the approaching comet. We discovered the scientist who had first discovered it - Draskil - who had named the body after himself. I left the Navigator and astronomer discussing various theories and summoning mathematicians to check their calculations.

I then did a tour of the University's various departments. Most revealing was the history department where I was given access to actual documents which detailed Humanity's arrival on this world five centuries ago. Documents which seem to hint that the various species of humanity of our world were deliberately created by somehow melding the recently arrived mankind with the native species of the planet in order to create wider populations and prevent problems of a small, inbred, population. All of this done by a person know as "Ja'rul".

But I found nothing relevant to our current predicament.

I returned to the astronomical department to find Draskil, Methuselah and the Mathematicians ashen faced. They had calculated that in a mere 22 days, the comet Draskil would collide with the asteroid Shadar - which was now revealed as a fragment of another older world bearing signs of civilisation upon its surface. The resultant collision will create cloud of meteors which will descend upon our world, decimating its surface.

I immediately realised that the Nautolan civilisation - being in the depths of the oceans - could survive this apocalypse. But - despite their being so "advanced" Methuselah told me that they had no way of accommodating visitors from the surface world.

So our only option to survive what is to come, is the caverns of the Mole people. I informed my shipmates of this but they seemed more interested in tracking down "The Cult of Kagriss". Kagriss - "The Scribe of the Gods, The Messenger of the Stars, The Cautioner of the Winds, The Light in the Darkness." Apparently Kagriss had predicted the coming apocalypse. Upon research we found that he had commissioned the creation of a great flying device - some kind of balloon - from the engineers at the University and headed east.

My shipmates and I decided to sail East, them to intercept Kagriss, me to find the nation of the Mole people. Before leaving, Methuselah chose to inform some of his fellow Captains about the incipient disaster. Judging by the billowing smoke we observed the following day, I presume this led to some social unrest in the city.

Upon arrival at the next city along, we found the Kagriss had not arrived. A local traveller had observed a light rising into to the sky above the plains between the two cities. Whatever Kagriss' plan was we have missed it.

Hearing of a village to the North which had been mysteriously cleared of its inhabitants, we hired a local guide and went to investigate. At least that is my crew-mates' intended. I am still seeking the Mole people.

The local scout we hired - Sarah - was fortuitously female. Upon arrival at the deserted village, she refused to go further citing Moleman activity in the mountains ahead.


As it may be necessary to repopulate our species, I drugged her. If the world is destroyed and we survive, I'll explain the situation to her and let her determine her own fate.

Some of the crew members of our expedition objected. It seems that - whilst ready to tell fellow Captains about the incipient End of the World - Methuselah has been less than forthcoming with his own crew. Once the situation was explained to them, most agreed with my motives.

We now have a fortnight to find the Mole-people and agree sanctuary with them before the sky begins to fall.
Entry 6

The Apocalypse has passed and yet we live - but not unchanged.

Investigating into the mountains we found little sign of the Mole people. However, upon climbing a cliff Tyrann found it to actually be a massive stone barrier preventing passage further into the peaks. (Though large, my lizard companion seems to have the climbing ability of a gecko).

Leaving Tyrann to watch, we returned to camp to get rope. Upon our return we found that our redoubtable crew-mate had made contact with a Moleman - "Michael Vincent". A ladder suddenly appeared, recessed into the wall - impressive technology - and we were all able to climb to the top.

Tyrann has bought us sanctuary with the Mole people with stories of my ability to raise the dead. Unfortunately we did not have enough food for our stay. Then cows started falling from the sky and we suddenly had sufficient.

I am a firm believer in Science - but the strange phenomena of these days do, I must admit, leave me bemused.

We convinced our new Mole-ally that it would cost them little to house us and that, should the promised world-ending event occur, my skills might prove of use. And deferred their demand that I demonstrate my messianistic skills.

We were escorted to a huge subterranean chamber. It was complete with beds of moss and a plant based heating/cooling device which defied my - limited I now accept - scientific skills.

And there we waited.

At the appointed time, we were allowed to travel to a higher level and observe the End of the World. It was at once remarkable - I lack the poetic skills to describe it - and disappointing - the wide scale destruction I had expected did not occur.

A huge shadow fell across the world. Then there was a corona of blue energy which turned into a huge wave which swept across the landscape. Several of us were physically changed by this radiation. Like many of us, I turned blue. Methuselah disappeared from sight completely.

We observed Shaidar splitting in two, fragments falling to earth. A ball of orange energy descended from the skies and disappeared beyond the horizon.

There was a loud BOOM and we saw a large object - some kind of massive metal ship (?) fall and smash into the landscape.

Then things fell silent.

Once things were settled, our Mole-men hosts laid claim to the large metal ship but requested that we pursue the golden sphere and report back. I presume that they did not relish the prospect of an extended surface journey.

We discovered Methuselah was still present. His body was apparently secreting a fluid which rendered him invisible. (Again defying any science I am aware of.)

I have detailed everyone's physical changes and my theories regarding it being some attempt - whether via internal or external instigation - to adapt our bodies to a new environment in my scientific journal. However, that is beginning to resemble work of fancy.

As promised I revived our drugged scout - Sarah - and explained my actions and her potential role as the mother of a new humanity. Rather than the anger or acceptance of expected, the stupid woman seems to be enamoured of me. This is an unwanted complication that I may have to deal with later. However, a skilled scout will prove useful in our exploration of a ruined world.

Before our safari begins, Methuselah decided to return to Paranti to acquire supplies and verify the current status of our ship and crew mates. The journey back was uneventful. However, we found Paranti in ruins. Not so much from the fall of Shaidar, more from a giant blue man who was stomping what remains of the buildings into rubble. Presumably another victim of the strange blue radiation.

We successfully avoided the brute only to find our loyal ship - The Chimera - half sunk in the bay. However, Methuselah was able to dive and recover his maps and charts, so the journey wasn't completely fruitless.
Entry 7

We have suffered more changes. My belief in rationality and science is wavering.

We acquired food, equipment and small cart for our forthcoming safari to seek the Golden Sky Globe. This was pulled by one of our Rhinotaur crew-members. Leaving Paranti we were assaulted in a pincer manoeuvre by two angry mobs who attempted to simultaneously use our blue skin hue to blame us for the disaster that had befallen their city and demand that we deal with the blue giant currently causing so much wrack and ruin. It didn't take much to demonstrate our intellectual and tactical superiority and send them packing.

After six days of travel - we all "heard" a message in our heads from Kagriss - the cult leader who had predicted the Apocalypse and, apparently, had built a giant ballon in and attempt to escape or defy it. He called all survivors to meet him in Visagreen. We continued with our mission.

I noted plants turning yellow - yet my tests proved them still to be healthy. I suspect more evidence of adaptation to a new environment. As we neared the Golden Globe, we began to suffer further physical changes, but regular checks showed everyone to be healthy. (Again, all the details are in my scientific journal).

There also changes to the environment. Changes to gravity caused movement to be difficult. The others chose to end our sojourn but I attempted to press on. However, even I was defeated and forced to turn back. It is so frustrating to be near something which appears to be from another realm entirely and yet be unable to plumb its secrets.

It was then that I discovered that I have developed the ability to Heal wounds with a touch. This is remarkable and annoying. I have spent my life and intellect developing medical skills and techniques which now appear to have been supplanted by a mere touch of my hand. I shall console myself with the fact that my skills and techniques can be taught to those not blessed by alien radiations with a healing touch. My work has not been in vain.

Naturally I have begun to test my abilities. I caught a gopher (or what had once been a gopher) and smothered it. Several times. It seems I am able to revive creatures if it is within a few seconds of the cessation of life function. I shall try to extend this.
This game seems to have wandered quite a long way from the black powder pirates it started as.
You think? Now it may well have been a case of me not scanning the sign up sheet as well as I should. It's the first time EVER I've signed up for an extended campaign. Next time I'll be looking for small print, reading between the lines and taking a photograph of what it actually says.

Turns out it's a lot more important than signing up for a convention game. (no sh!t, Sherlock.) The upshot is I'm refereeing this time around and I've been brutally honest in all my pre-game materials about it being a trad, referee led game with a preset storyline.
Are you unhappy about it going off plot?
It seems that as players you’re very much defying any GM attempts to steer a course, not responding to Kagriss’s request for example, and the previous example of randomly killing innocent fishermen that might have had an interesting story to tell and leads to follow.
I'd rather just post than analyse the interactions at a particular table. Anyone who's played with me knows my flaws - eg. Decided that because the end of the world is coming we need to find sanctuary with the Mole Men rather than trusting the referee. That's all on me.
Entry. 8:

Both we and The World continue to change in unprecedented ways - and my mind is struggling to keep up.

On our way back to the Mole people I was approached by Hanna. She had been avoiding me of late. Naturally I’d noticed her swelling belly. Knowing little of Avian physiology I had no guide as to the period of their gestation. I’d heard of her sexual misadventures which had occurred during my interment aboard The Chimera, but that was mere weeks ago. Hanna informed me that Avians usually lay eggs and that her enlargement was proceeding at an unnatural pace.

A quick external examination determined that the foetus was not turned for delivery and was growing at an alarming pace. I immediately prepared my surgical tools to perform a Victorian Section (a procedure of my own invention I’ve been dying to try out). However, before I could act, Hanna screamed and gave birth.

I asked Hanna if she wished the abomination to live - prepared to do whatever she deemed necessary - and the bloodied mass called out that it wanted to live.

Immediately the new born started to grow. How, I have no idea. It ingested no food and yet added mass from seemingly nowhere. Within moments there were two identical beings before me - Hanna and an exact duplicate, which Hanna delightedly named “Annah”.

This neophyte avian seemed to be an exact duplicate of its “mother”, even sharing all memories up to the point of its birth. (None since, though, no telepathy here.)

We resumed our journey but were attacked by 8’ tall pig headed humanoids wearing strange armour and wielding fearsome weapons that seemed to fire balls of destructive light. Despite their clearly superior weaponry, our clever tactics (and the bravery of our followers who we sent in first to take the fight to our enemies ) meant that they were easily defeated. We claimed their equipment and - on the cart as we travelled - I performed a post mortem on one of the carcasses. It seemed to be a typical “splice” of human and animal just like every other race on the planet. Just a merging we haven’t seen before. Strangely it bore an all too human tattoo of a heart pierced by an arrow - dedicated to “Rose”.

Eschewing the Mole people we agreed to travel to meet Kagriss’ people in Vicereen. Our travels took us via Paranti where the remaining people were evicting anyone of blue skin. (The blue skinned giant had long since starved to death.)

Leaving Paranti behind, we headed overland to Vicereen. On our journies we found what must have been the ruins of Kagriss’ Airship - but nothing of it was salvageable.

When we arrived at Vicereen, we found people of ordinary hue being evicted and only blue skins allowed in. Annah was sent to scout but, lacking Hanna’s experience, plunged from the sky to die - dissipating into a blue mist. I caught some in a glass tube but it passed through the glass to escape. Truly the laws of basic science seem to no longer apply in this world.

Hanna scouted and found the city full of blue-skinned people - all apparently gifted with abilities. Many were flying - including at least one Rhinotaur.

When we approached, most of our band - including myself and Sara whose skin colour has returned to normal - were denied entry. Only those with blue skins and abilities were allowed in.

I demonstrated that I was of normal hue but had abilities which confused the gate guards. I was allowed in - but arrested.

After a rest and some food - I wasn’t harassed in any way (I seem to have developed the ability to influence the actions of others ) - I was taken before the “King”. Not, as I’d anticipated, Kagriss but one “Errald Eckles”. An impressive figure when you’re in his presence - less so when you leave it. (I think we can deduce HIS ability.)

Not the brightest of individuals, I soon convinced him of the usefulness of ordinary hued individuals as spies should a conflict develop. He then revealed that giant white egg shapes had been seen floating in the skies. He’d sent Kagriss to investigate but he hasn’t returned.

One of his assistants teleported me back to my friends (yes - teleported!) After a quick visit to the University to drop off the pig armour - fearsome technology, no metal ceramic or other substance we know - (we retained the weapons) we set off to find the giant floating white eggs. Hanna bravely scouted and discovered that they are giant collapsed humanoid automata of some kind.

I am unsure how to proceed. At the moment my world is like trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle using pieces from different pictures.
Entry 9
We are away from Vicereen - revealed as a place of unparalleled iniquity - but on a craft of uncertain provenance.

Returning to Vicereen from our mission to scout the giant floating eggs, I was granted access to a state of the art laboratory within the University to continue my studies. But what studies? With the changes taking place in the world around me, I have enough for five lifetimes.

I elected to continue my studies in challenging Death. Even though the fall of Shaidar had not resulted in the ultimate apocalypse I'd feared, still humanity has been decimated and more thousands will die in the chaos descending upon our society. The saving of life must be my prime goal. (I may also find a way to prolong my own existence to undertake the other studies the world is presenting me.)

The assistants I've been given have so far failed to bring me subjects suitable for re-animation. What they have brought paint a sad picture of society under "King" Errald Eckles. I remain convinced that he is a well meaning man but under his rule children who are not blue are being beaten to death or worse.

Methuselah, Tyrann and Hanna left the city to check on our crew mates. They reported to me that their camp has grown into a shanty town as they have been joined by normal hued refugees from Vicereen. These refugees bear stories of food shortages, families divided by the uneven mutation of skin, blue-skinned citizens who wished to leave being ordered to stay and even having their families taken hostage in order the blackmail them into remaining. Truly this city is a divided and dysfunctional place.

When they returned they brought the scout Sarah. Alas she still seems to be enamoured with me. In addition she seems to have developed the ability to send her spirit into the bodies of others. She has demonstrated this to Methuselah and Tyrann who seem to have taken a perverse pleasure in the experience. Tyrann, in particular, seems to revel her discovering the more brutal events of his past.

I managed to dissuade her from looking into my mind and immediately tasked my assistants with bringing me people near to death. What insights might we gain if Sarah is able to inhabit a dying body and report back her experiences? To date the fools have failed to bring me any useful subjects.

Methuselah and Tyrann seemed to indulge themselves in some fantasy of releasing the captive families of the refugees but upon discovering the fact that the cells are below the palace and that King Eckles has established a group of guards with exceptional abilities who can read minds, track escapees, teleport in pursuit etc. have abandoned these flights of fancy.

They was some talk of stealing a ship from the harbour in order to set sail and seek an answer to the strange storms we saw stealing ships crews at the start of our adventures. However, I simply went to ask the King to fund a scientific expedition across the world. Not only did he do so, he insisted upon gifting us a FLYING ship, created by his advanced followers. When I chose to name it BELLEROPHON after the famed rider of the winged beast Pegasus, one of his entourage created a three dimensional figurehead out of thin air. (Again I could not see where the mass had come from. It has to come from somewhere. Somewhere in the world Mass is in defecit. I hope this does not come back to haunt us in the future.)

The only stipulation the King had was that we should be accompanied by Damien - one of his servants who has the ability to telepathically report back on our journey. (I expect we'll be forced to kill him at some point.) We rejected any further crew and have filled the ship with crewmembers from the ill-fated CHIMERA. We have been forced to leave our rock-skinned Rhinotaur aground, however.