Salvation, Andromeda The Fall of Peace and Unity

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As Zau Thetans held the core world of Salvation to ransom with genetic bombs placed around the globe, voidships of the ZT drop into system and engage the system defences. Almost a re-run of the Siege of Salvation centuries before, but with unified human and AI forces, the battle is finely balanced until..
23Z, core AI of Salvation announces with regret that given the failure to foil the plot it had no choice but to phase shift the planet, and that non-trivial consequences would follow..

On the space habitat 'Progress and Unity': orbiting the planet:
Nelson.. a descendant of Admiral Nelson, cyborg and hero of the Siege of Salvation, cools his heels in the brig.. @Vodkashok
Dr. Travis, research scientist looks up from his DNA sequencer.. @doggetay
Raven, [redacted] walks to [redacted] to [redacted] in order to [redacted]. @Swordmaster
5XY1, the incredibly beautiful vLOGGER and HOLOSTAR of 3D viewing adjust her hair and reviews the feed from her video drone.. @Ozmagus

"This is the habitat "Peace and Unity", I regret to inform you that the planet Salvation is no longer present in system. Since the gravity that maintains the habitat in orbit no longer exerts any influence, we are about to undergo catastrophic exit from orbit. I calculate that the integrity of the space station will start to fail in 9 minutes 36 seconds and shall have reached functional destruction in 1 hour, 58 minutes and 37 seconds, with a standard error of 13 minutes and 3 seconds."

"Abandon vessel. Go to your nearest lifepod, space vessel, or failing that, don a space suit and attempt extravehicular exit. Note that a major space battle is proceeding in system, and that all health and safety protocols are therefore suspended. Good Luck and May God Go With You."

All chaos broke loose..


5XY1, Nelson, Raven, Dr. Travis

I'm not generally bothered for floorplans and stuff like that in RPGs, but I do like a well-painted figurine that captures the character's personality, especially for campaigns.

It's been a very long while since that's happened though.
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My Savage SF game on Mondays is very much 'Our' Savage SF game. It began with a game of Microscope, a game in which a group develop a history together, between two marking periods, and in a process which mixes literary improv and light roleplaying. It's very much part of the 'add, don't detract' school of creativity and we co-created a history on a galactic scale of Humaniti's arrival, rise, tribulations and eventual fading out in the Andromeda system.

Having created a shared history, and we did it with my SF minis colllection in front of us, we then agreed any further key elements. We have a setting where only space whales can enter FTL at first, then human psionicist controlling whales, the sundering of Humaniti over AI rights, separatist humans and AIs [SOMAI and Zekrons], the emergence of a cat-human hybrid that will turn out to also be from Earth, the eventual emergence of mechanical FTL by these feline "Roki", and a unrelenting violent alien bioengineering alien hive species, the Zau Thetans. It has a high space opera feel but rooted more in Traveller and Mass Effect than Star Wars or Star Trek.

Then we created 4 fun Savage SF characters and began to explore the setting, having chosen a time period within all that history, and their own specific back drops and stories.
It has taken me a few weeks of running hard to stand still, hacking and understanding rules and setting and delivering game at the table, but I think I have it. It's essentially Traveller with Savage Worlds in my mind. I think it's definitely Mass Effect for one player. I'll ask the other two when I see them next. Savage, as ever, is delivering a LOT of story in a nice compact form at a breakneck speed with epic action, great roleplaying, and no fat.


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@Vodkashok posted on Facebook after Session 3:

In tonight's Savage World's romp, we pursued the Somi (read: shit terminator) in the fleeing courier boat to a mining planet, picked up a survivor from the system invasion, had an alteration with system traffic control, was outed as a fugitive by planets Net, escaped arrest in a hospital avoiding four MP walkers, infiltrated an old mining complex, destroyed sentry droids, forced-conversion cyborgs and more Somi Shit Terminators than you can shake a stick at. Our AI now has a home and has named itself Duty & Honour (Tom's idea not mine) and the Doctor is experimenting on said shit terminators.

It also turns out that Two Fisted with Blaster Pistols double tapping and rolling damage like a beast is quite effective! Definitely feeling the pulp action hero vibe as I was driving around John Wooing at every possible moment.

Good game.


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Quote @Vodkashok
Tonight on SW: we rushed to the aid of an isolated mine moon controlled by a reactivated rogue SOMAI STL pod, used SCIENCE! to shut it down, made a moral stand negotiating aid from a dubious ally, secured the sysyem, upgraded the 'Raptor' and headed off after an AI's dying memory
Just as an addendum to the above tweet - last night's game was a real proper 'campaign' game. There was a little side mission which might have pointed us to an answer about how the SOMAI (Shit terminitors) got into the system without FTL. And we solved it using the tech we snaffled from the SOMAI in the previous session. Good stuff. We flexed the SW social rules and it proved that we are a PEWPEW crew, not a YAKYAK ship. However, we still managed, somehow, to talk the aggressive allies from annexing the system for our own good. The NPCs were great too - the reluctant 'Admiral' Jameson was a nice change - someone out of their depth and willing to admit it.

We upgraded our ship as well, seeing as we seem to be the remaining Salvation navy's only active scout ship. More speed, more missles, an avatar unit for our AI, some hover bikes and an attack skiff. Now the newly named 'Raptor' has a bit more ... bite!
I suppose I should share how this all ended?

Having rescued Nelson and recovered the wormhole machine, the crew of the Raptor gathered with the Salvation Navy to play a final strike against the Dark Moon Cartel and the SOMAI allies. Bolstered by a squad of Salvation Fusiliers and a wing of Salvation fighters, they plunged through the wormhole and began the move on the DMC.

Fighters were scrambled to intercept the Raptor, but they were seen off by the Sal fighters and the Raptors new upgraded missile system. (After upgrading the missiles a few sessions again, saying 'Spin up missiles one through eight, lock achieved, fire!' was hilarious.) The DMC base was on a submerged colony ship, trapped partially in ice and partially in the freezing waters beneath on a ice planet. The Raptor blasted through and approached through the watery entrance. Infiltration was simple and then we confronted the evil machine possessed Carrie 3.0 (Nelson's Ex) and a clone of the previous Carries, and a load of SOMAI and machine cultists.

Brutal fighting of the PEW PEW fashion occurred - loads of two-gun action, 5EXY-1 having her programming subverted by a vow and then burning it out (so that she now had an Asimov circuit) and the Doctor using his patented Fritz Gun to baffle the SOMAI. Raven finished it all off with three brutal shots to the head of Carrie 3.0.

Having successfully beaten the sleeper SOMAI threat, the crew of the Raptor could do nothing to salvage the colony ship (even though Nelson was convinced it could make the superstructure for the beleaguered Salvation navy's first dreadnaught) and it blew up. The Raptor fled, picked up its fighters and made for the Wormhole, only for Dr Travers to make a minor miscalculation.

We appeared next to Salvation! But this wasn't the Salvation we lost. This was 300+ years in the future.

Queue the Buck Rogers theme!
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