The Expanse Season 4 (Spoiler free)


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The Expanse - now on Amazon

I've just finished watching Season 4 of The Expanse with the eldest coming along for the ride. It covers the book where the story shifts from being mainly space-based to being set mostly on a single planet. I didn't like this so much when I read it, but looking back it was a necessary step in the evolution of the story, a set up for the future.

Like the previous series, it was done really well, and I feel that it is in safer hands now with Amazon funding it rather than SyFy (who have always been fickle). This is intelligent TV, which just happens to be set in space. I'm loving the way that the various short stories and novellas are being integrated into the TV series.

If you haven't dipped into it yet, all the series are on Amazon now. The first series starts slowly (but that's all about setting the characters and plots in motion).

Good stuff.

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I've only just started season 4 as I watched the (excellent) season 3 again. As a whole, the series is true to the books while not slavishly following them. For some characters I prefer the book version, some the TV version, some I like both. Overall it's very very solid, though I find it demands full attention rather than being casual not fully paying attention viewing.