The Cthulhu Hack at UK Games Expo

For those attending the big event (in less than a fortnight's time), I will have all the books with an emphasis on adding new stuff. There'll be:
  • Three Faces of the Wendigo, which isn't new but up for Award, that features three different adventures by three different authors concerning hunger, the wilderness and some tough decisions about survival!
  • the revised Cthulhu Hack Core Book (expanding page count for the first time, but more to allow for a more pleasant and open layout and the addition of more cross-referencing and an index - of sorts), and
  • The Dark Brood, a saddle-stitched smorgasbord of material around Shub-Niggurath, including three adventure seeds, half-a-dozen new spells, several new creatures and dozens of ways to mark the influence of the Black Goat on your game.
I'll have white and black slim boxes (£25, three core books + character cards) and black or opaque deep boxes (various, more books). I'll also have Cthulhu themed All Rolled Up, dice trays, Insanity Dice (an updated design), and Cthulhoid dry-wipe counters. Probably other things that I have forgotten...

Who would have imagined that this spin-off from The Black Hack would be here to start a third year of publication?!

Hope to see many of you there.

Cthulhu Fhtagn!