[shopping] Temptation waits... what are you resisting?

Looking at @negromaestro's post, they may well do that.
Not trying to discourage people, just making sure we take calculated risks. I have two Kickstarters by one creator, whose team survived cancer, divorce, financial disaster, and are still working years later on the project, updating us and struggling along.

I also backed a terrible Kickstarter that took all the backer's money and never produced the unique Afro-Caribbean Voodoo cards. :-(


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To be fair, James “Alas Vegas” Wallis did the same. Left his backers hanging out to dry for years with poor and - frankly - unbelievable comms while he worked on other projects. He did fulfil eventually but the project was dead to me by then.
To be fair, James “Alas Vegas” Wallis did the same. Left his backers hanging out to dry for years with poor and - frankly - unbelievable comms while he worked on other projects. He did fulfil eventually but the project was dead to me by then.
From what I understand, the anticipation might have been the best bit of Alas Vegas. In which case Mr Wallis may have been doing you all a favour...

(I did pick it up for £5 in the Expo bring and buy, but I haven't read it yet. Given that reading it means you can't play it, I also may be enjoying 'the best bit')
At the risk of spreading temptation - just read about a new rpg coming from Chaosium. Lords of the Middle Sea is post-apocalyptic, set in the ruins of a flooded America, using BRP. (Edit: I was going to say post-apocalyptic fantasy, but actually my skim suggested the same kind of vibe as, say, Mortal Engines with no monsters or magic.)
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So the latest news is that Wyvern Gaming is pushing for a Kickstarter funding model for the Stargate RPG. The game itself is powered by DnD5e. So, yes, I am tempted by the simplicity of not having to learn a new rules engine, but then again, why Kickstarter? If the timing clashes with other notable products, I will pass on this.

Also did anyone notice we have a specific logo for Stargate RPG?

Another in the rash of games using the D&D rules for things that would be better served with other engines so that they can benefit from the user base.

I mean, what you'll get is a three-way fork of the DNA. D&D itself; things that use it badly and die; and things that create working but scarcely recognisable variants.
The only reason this has become a temptation is because Wizards of the Coast are dragging their feet over an official Spelljammer rule book for DnD5e.

So I guess, Blackstorm Realms for DnD5e may eventually get me on board before October ends. A team of who-is-who, and great art too.

Plus, this is the sales pitch that really tempts me:

Blackstorm Realms allows you to incorporate your own homebrew realms, well-known official realms, and third party realms into one seamless universe and provides you with the means to move back and forth between all of them. Are there suns and moons and stars in your realm? Then give your players an opportunity to discover what's on them, not just what's beyond the horizon, BUT also what is beyond the BEYOND!


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So what are you resisting?
I'm resisting the temptation to get a computer with a lot of memory. I've been using openstreetmap data for making maps and even if you're just pulling bits out of the map to use, the freebie tools that let you do this all insist on loading the whole flipping lot into memory.

I've been umm-ing and aahing about buying an ex-lease HP Z440 off ebay and pimping it with 64 or 128GB of RAM (it will take Registered memory so you can fit up to 256GB in vendor supported configurations). Fortunately this is cheaper than it sounds as ex-lease ones cost a few hundred quid on the secondary market and 128GB can be gotten for about £400 off ebay, but it's still going to cost the better part of £1000 by the time you add the RAM - and I don't really have a spare £1000 to blow on something like this.

OTOH, I could splurge and put a gaming card on it and use it for Kerbal Space Program as well but that's even more money I don't have.

Actually, it's not the only big money sink I'm resisting the temptation for. My not-terribly-old HP MFP laser is no longer supported on Windows 10, so I'm tempted to get an A3 MFP like a Xerox C7030 to consolidate that and my A3 laser. Again, that's about £1,500 that I don't have to blow on this sort of thing, so I shall bide my time.

Don't get me started on my long-term ambition to get a large format printer.

[sigh] first world problems ...
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