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It feels like Starter Set bonanza these days.
What are people's experiences, recommendations and opinions on this trend?

Feel free to link them.


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The new City of Mist Starter Set is good, even as a PDF. There are decent characters, a good scenario and a reasonable exposition of the rules. You can't use anything other than the characters provided (unless you use another pre-gen from the 2016 starter set or on DTRPG). The box will include dice, maps etc to make a GM's life easy. I'd recommend this.

The D&D Essentials Set is a great introduction with reminds me of Holmes Basic (and the later red box sets). Everything to level 6, a basic screen and useful cards. The campaign is decent but very MMORPG in style. Not that this is a bad thing. I've seen a good post on combining the D&D Starter Set with this version: http://slyflourish.com/combining_starter_and_essentials.html


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I've just picked up the Numenera Starter Set to try and give me a helping hand in actually bringing this somewhat difficult setting to a table.

The reknowned problems with the 2d20 Star Trek Adventures main book makes me think the Starter for that may be all I need for the ocassional Trek game for my Trek fan friends.

I hear the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set is excellent, as is the Traveller one..
Many, many moons ago I was asked to run demo RPGs at a computer games con. Not having done it before, I just went RPGNOW (as it was) and downloaded a load of free (I NEVER change) starter sets. The Cthulhu one was indeed very good. (The one with THE BED.) The ”Age” one (Dragon Age?) was also very good, easy to understand and usable. The Eclipse Phase one was impressive but just blew my mind. My impressions are that starter sets tend to be excellent - in many ways better than example scenarios included in the rules.

(They’re an absolute bugger to write, though.)
Got the warhammer fantasy roleplay starter set. It’s good but I’m not sure it’s helped me understand the rules.

I’m not sure about the mongoose traveller set. It’s just the same rules as the core book and the adventures, whole good, are set right over the other side of the galaxy so don’t introduce the setting.

I’m currently playing the d&d starter set lost mines adventure and having a good time so far. Haven’t read any of it obviously so can’t say if it’s good as the classic red box I started with too long ago.


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I rather liked that the Mongoose Traveller starter was set in a blank sector far away. The joy of system generation and culture development is key to Traveller IMHO and can be lost in the Known Space setting.