Space Heroes at the Armouries


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Space Heroes - Royal Armouries

We had a quick trip out on Saturday afternoon to the Royal Armouries in Leeds, after we'd spotted the 'Space Heroes' event going on. The youngest went full Sith Trooper, and the eldest hedged his bets by dressing like a rebel with Stormtrooper equipment.

I'm not certain that the Dalek is really a hero, but if you zoom in on the picture you may notice that the circuit board under the eye actually says 'Derek' so he at least had some personality! Doctor Who #10 was in the cafe, which seemed somewhat appropriate.

It was a fun visit and the boys enjoyed themselves, as you can see from the pictures below. If you go, I recommend getting there earlier than we did so you can do more of the events.

The various cosplayers were really gracious to the kids.

So, if you don't shoot me, you can sit in my X-Wing...

This is the droid we're looking for...

An audience with Darth Vader...

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