Some books to sell (esp for Furnace)

Got some books I'm looking to sell. As new unless stated otherwise. Can bring to Furnace if anyone there is interested.

Keltia - £20
Ashen Stars - £20
Hillfolk - £15
Symbaroum - Wrath of the Warden - £20 (will also include the scenario-specific town map from KS)

My own published stuff: I have a few books on hand. Particularly a pile of 'Serpents' Teeth' for Jaws of the Six Serpents, so I can do a good deal on those. Also copies of Jaws, Albion and I think I have a Legends Walk T&J.

Also have some other stuff around: Dying Earth plus a couple of supplements; WFRP 2e Old World Bestiary and Ashes of Middenheim; and some Wraith supplements (I think mostly 1e). (Mint to good condition - details on request.)

Give me a shout if interested. Can pass over locally or post to mainland UK (might add on a pound or two for postage).
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