Seven Hills 2018

First Age

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Seven Hills is very close to opening up the games schedule to GMs and helpers pre-bookings, so the great games selection will start over the next day or so. Players wil get their chance very soon afterwards.

The games timetable is finalising now. Wow, what an amazing selection of games! I'm really looking forward to running some more Ironsworn, with the final Preview 7 tantalisingly close to release.

I've opened up this thread for the 2018 story to unfold.
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I reckon* there are ten game systems getting their Garrison convention premieres at Seven Hills this year, so a good opportunity to try something new or different.

The debutantes include:
A couple of games currently going through kickstarters too, including Liminal (run by its own +Paul Mitchener) and +Mark Diaz Truman's Cartel**, presented by +Elaine McCourt.

* happy to be corrected
** debuted at Revelation 2018, a couple of weeks before the kickstarter campaign launched
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