[generic] Selling off things that aren't getting played.


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Gaming Friends,

I’ve just posted a list of games onto Boardgames and Roleplaying Games Buy and Sell UK & EU ONLY! I’ve reproduced it below. If you are interested let me know or offer on that FB group.

I need to let offers on that group to precedence under the terms of it, but if there is no offer I will withdraw it.

Clear out of games which I haven’t got to the table for a variety of reasons. Postage will be myHermes in most cases unless you need another service and is included in the prices below.

Frag + Expansion 1 + 3x Expansion 2 + Miniatures £20

The Impossible Machine (unplayed) - £9

Dragon Punch (tin edition, double card set) - £9
(£7 if bought with another item except Cypher)

Cypher (unplayed) - £5
(£3 if bought with another item except Dragon Punch)

Creatures & Cultists (Pagan Publishing Cthulhu game) - £12

Outer Earth - £20
(great condition, not been able to get to table)

Metallum - £15
(Punched, unplayed, used as a reference for design)

Delta V - £10

The Contender inc. Politically Incorrect Expansion - £35
(Costs ~£80 from USA, played once)

Dead Man’s Draw - £15

Codenames - £10
(Played once)

Revolution - £18 - UNDER OFFER
(Not got it to the table
? )

Flip City - £9
(Played once)

Belford Promo £1
(Rather not chuck it out - if you buy something else except Cypher and Dragon Punch I am happy to add it in for free)

On the higher priced items I may be willing to haggle.


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That's my plan for the three boxes of unloved games that currently live in the dinning room.
I've got to try and sort out the games in the attic between now and Continuum. Paul has finally got everything over from the flat that he wants to keep (within certain values of keep) and there's masses of CCG cards and board games we no longer play. We'll probably keep GoT, OtE, Mythos and B5, but I think other [minor] CCGs will go. There's also tons of board games we don't play either, and now I'm making inroads into the mess the family room is in, it's getting clear enough in there to sort through other stuff.

We've also got 7 boxes of paperbacks to bring - despite all that's gone to the charity shop. So I guess I'll be spending a lot of time on the B&B stall - not to mention overloading the car.