[generic] #RPGaDAY2020 - 2 - CHANGE

#RPGADAY2020 - 2 - CHANGE. “Just write another one”. That’s what my (now) wife said to me when I received a letter from Games Workshop asking me to stop selling my “new Version” of Golden Heroes.

“Just write another one”.

And with her help and support, I did. And another, and another. And I’m still doing it today.
A war story involving the word 'change'...

Our GM decided not to have the PCs know each other, or start in the same place, or have any in-game reason to meet up. The only PC interaction in the first game was:

Homeless PC: Got any spare change, mate?
Other PC: No, sorry.
Was there a second session?
Yes. I think we played about 4 sessions before the campaign was cancelled due to the GM getting a job in Wales.
Enough to kill any Game :cautious: (BTW, before anyone lynches me, my mom was Welsh and I holiday 3-4 times a year in Wales)
Oi! All, right, I admit I'm resigned to playing exclusively online once I retire to Gwynedd ...

Change is what players demand their PCs can accomplish in the game world. Doesn't mean it'll happen, even if it can, and if you're playing in a cyberpunk or real-world setting, it probably won't. But the striving for change is usually there, even if failure is what actually makes the game memorable. I'm looking at you, post-Gauda Prime Blake's 7.
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