[generic] RPGaDAY 2020 - Intro

There seem to be two graphics for this year.


And an alternative “dungeon map”.

But I can only find a sort of ”title graphic” which obscures some of the days:


I leave it to wiser heads than mine to find the dungeon map )if anyone cares.)

I do love how every year this becomes more and more abstract. This year's version avoids the trend of people picking holes in the questions (What? On the internet? Surely not?!) and just uses those triggers. I am now counting down to the first post suggesting a list of 31 'better' prompt words. Hahaha.

Roll on tomorrow, where I promise I will post something that does NOT mention coal sacks!
Got to admit, the very abstract nature of the topics makes it rather challenging to come up with something some days (forest??!). Still at least we aren't drawn into discussion about the questions really mean.