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Dave McAlister

As a large number of us head into isolation, I’ve put together a list of resources that generous individuals and publishers have released: RPG Boredom Busters.

In the spirit of their generosity, none of the following links include my affiliate code. I have also stopped adverts from appearing on this page (although the built-in links for “Family Gaming” and “D&D 5th Edition” remain as they are site-wide – if I can work out how to turn those of on this page I will).

If I have missed anything (or an offer no longer works) please let me know. I aim to update RPG Boredom Busters daily as I find more items. Likewise, if anyone has any guides to using virtual table top (VTT) systems, I’m happy to link to them for new users.

Free RPGs

Christopher West (Maps of Mystery): Until the end of March, you can download three of his map products for free: Distant Frontiers I, Forsaken Lands IV, and Night Life will all ring up at zero cost during checkout in my map store.
Daring Entertainment: All PDF products including War of the Dead and World of the Dead
Feral Games Inc: Delve
Greater Than Games: Sentinel Comics Starter Kit
Green Ronin: Fantasy Age Basic Rulebook
Pinnacle Entertainment: Deadlands Reloaded
R. Talsorian Games Inc: Teenagers from Outerspace
Steve Jackson Games: The Fantasy Trip: Melee


Affinity: Anyone can use our creative apps [Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher] completely free for three months. Take 50% off if you want to buy.
DunGen.app: Unlocked all patrons-only features on DunGen.app for everyone until the end of April: High-res downloads and Automatic Dynamic Lighting for all generated dungeons.
mrvalor: A complete FREE collection of 1400+ (ish) battle maps for virtual gaming (source: reddit).

Virtual Social Gatherings

TheTweedmeister Arms: Virtual pub open from 9pm (GMT) on Friday nights. First opened on 20 March, planned again for 27 March. Details to be linked when announced (original tweet).

Photo by Alperen Yazgı on Unsplash

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