[generic] RPG-a-lockdown-day - question list

How about we do our own version of RPG-a-Day? Anyone who fancies can contribute a question, and we can continue until (1) lockdown ends, (2) we run out of enthusiasm, or (3) we have answered every possible RPG question in the multiverse. :)

We can compile a master question list in this thread, then answer them in another thread. The questions don’t have to be about lockdown gaming. Here’s a few for starters:
  1. What’s your favourite character generation system and why?
  2. You’ve just won a squillion pounds on the lottery. What gaming related bling will you rush to buy?
  3. Imagine you are writing a new post-apocalypse RPG. Tell us how your setting and rules will deal with toilet paper! :)
5. What tricks do you have for handling very small tables? (1-3 players).
6) What tricks do you have for handling very large tables?(6 or more players).

(combine into 1 if you want guv.)
Because my work shifts vary, sometimes I can't get to the Tavern until late afternoon. Can other folks please post the daily question if I haven't made an appearance in the morning/early afternoon? (Thanks to Guvnor for doing that already).

Some additional questions:

7) What was the very first character you generated?
8) What were the first ever dice you bought? Do you still have them? Do you still use them?
9) Do you have a FLGS? If not, do you ever make special trips to towns which do have one?
10) Tell us about a Kickstartered RPG which exceeded your wildest expectations when it arrived.


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11) The apocalypse is upon you. What roleplaying game do you grab and take into your bunker and why?
And a few more questions...

17) You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but has the cover art ever lured you into making a purchase or put you off buying/playing a game, and why?
18) Some core rulebooks don’t have the character sheets in them. Instead they are only available online for download. Opinion?
19) Do you keep your character sheets from old games?
20) What’s your favourite game mechanic?
21) What movies or TV series have you watched and thought “Yeah, these characters are an RPG party”.
And we're almost out of questions again. Any more suggestions?

25. How did you first find out about RPGs and what made you want to try them out?
26. Tell us what your first ever RPG session was like.