[selling] Rivers of London RPG

Lead Writer is I believe, Paul Fricker, backed, I suspect, by Lynn Hardy as she was AFAIK the main force behind seeking the licence. Presumably it will be written in tandem with the announced SRD and OGL for BRP (it looks like Jason might be called on for this as he's got form with BRP).

When the SRD and OGL appear I might venture a guess that we might see a return to The Laundry and perhaps World War Cthulhu by C7 with a change to the antagonists - easy to do for The Laundry, less so for WWC.
The Laundry uses a number of Cthulhoid monsters but if you remove any Chaosium IP (names, descriptions) and just leave the vague 'creatures from other planes'. After all Charlie rarely uses Chaosium IP in his books especially for lower ranking creatures. You still have Cthulhu as he's/it's Public Domain (I believe) but some of the other creatures should be identified as Product Identity (or whatever the OGL calls the proprietary stuff and may not be used without a rewite). Not sure how Charlie Stross might view that though.

The WWC line is going to be harder to rework to remove Chaosium IP but I believe it could be done.

Meanwhile I'll be happy to continue to run games with the existing material.


The Guvnor
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If Stross is using it and not under licence, those elements may have passed into the public domain as they have not been defended adequately, but that requires some IP lawyers.. step forward Jeff..
I'm pretty sure that anything Charlie uses is PD. I can't see his publishers and editors allowing him to open them up to an IP lawsuit. He's also pretty much an advocate for authors rights so that's another reason for not using anything not PD.