Revolutions - highly recommended


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Mike Duncan's podcast, Revolutions, has given me a lot of pleasure and education over the last two-and-a-half years. I'd previously come across his work in The History of Rome, a podcast spanning some 170 episodes taking the span of Romes transition to major power and the subsequent decline.

The podcast looks at pivotal revolutions across history:

1. The English Civil Wars
2. The American War of Independence
3. The French Revolution
4. The Haitian Revolution
5. The Spanish-American Wars of Independence (Bolivar)
6. The Revolution of 1830 (France)
7. The Revolutions of 1848
8. The Paris Commune
9. The Mexican Revolution
10. The Russian Revolution(s) - current series

There's a lot of content there, perfect for a commute. I've learned a huge amount listening to it, and really miss the weeks when it isn't scheduled. Highly recommnended.

26 December 2019

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