Game Management Provisional sessions to manage the season end.


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Hi @Guvnor, @First Age, @doggetay, @dr_mitch and @Jagusti

Just pondering. I think that you completing this first adventure in the next two sessions is unlikely, looking at the module. Then again, you may surprise me. It's probably 3-4 off the way you're going.

I was wondering (if @First Age agrees) whether we should book sessions into March / April / May / June for the planned cut over to Coriolis and the Mystery of the Icons.

If people agreed we could then let the Strahd season play out and cut straight over?
Alternatively, we may leave this a little before the climax. I'll need to find a cliff for you to hang from.



The Guvnor
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I'm champing at the bit for both!!
However.. best to reach a break point.
No to leaving it early on a cliff edge.