PLEASE READ - The Tavern is Moving


Staff member
Following the recent issues with the Tavern, as well as some that have been ongoing for a while, we have decided to move to a new hosting provider. I've found a new provider and will be looking to move the board over the next week or so. I shall shortly be initiating the transfer of our domain to the new host, which because this is an EU domain I'm told will take a period of about 5 days, give or take.

In order to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible, I intend to take the Tavern down for a few days while the transfer takes place. This will allow me to take back-ups, move the site over and re-install it without having to worry about losing data. Depending on how long the transfer takes and whether there are any issues, I would expect the site to come back some time next week. I'll put up a holding page, and will update it with any information that may arise. My current intention is to take the site down on Saturday afternoon, do the transfer over the weekend, and then wait for the domain to move. Once that happens I can finalise the configuration process and bring the site back up.

In the hopefully unlikely event that the Tavern disappears completely from the net, please do not panic. It just means that I am working on it but something has temporarily gone wrong. Rest assured that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

I am aware of the issues around EU domains and the ongoing wretchedness that is Brexit. I'm going to move the domain as-is for now, and look at acquiring a back-up domain name once that process has been completed.


Rune Priest
Isn’t about a year since we gave contributions to the running costs? I’m thinking with the immenant move and possible new domain name you might be open to something in the tip jar.