North Star Player pre-booking CLOSED (hard close midday Wednesday 27th May 2020)


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GM priority pre-booking is now closed. The GMs who have not pre-booked has been moved into the player pre-booking process.

Player pre-booking is now open.

Check your email for the link to the Google Sheet for pre-booking.

Player pre-booking will close at midday on Wednesday 27th March to allow enough time to manage the admin. This is a hard close.

  • The spreadsheet has up to five choices in each slot you have available so you can order games in preference.
  • If only see 2-3 you want to play in a slot, put them in and put N/A in the choice after you end so I know.
  • If you can’t play a slot, please put N/A in choice 1 to stop me having to chase you
  • I’ve put a timetable copy up with the remaining spaces in each game in the sheet for reference.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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We are down to our last 4 players to select their games and we are good to sort out the timetable!

Tomorrow, Dom will use the preferences and a randomiser to get us all settled into our games.

I then expect a flurry of communications from GMs to players, sorting out the tech and any startup information or, possibly, characters.



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Player pre-booking is closed.


I have completed the randomiser and allocated players.
  • We have one game which will not run (Doctor Who in Slot 1)
  • We have three games which have yet to be finalised. This is because player numbers are low, and I have reached out to the GMs to confirm that they’re good to run for two.
  • Everyone else should have had emails introducing the GM and players


1) GMs who I approached need to confirm ASAP.

2) I will then finalise those games.

3) GMs need to make arrangements for their game with their players. You do not need Graham or I to be in the loop for this. Only bring us in if there are difficulties (eg contacting someone).

4) We all meet virtually at the weekend and have fun!

As Graham has said on his opening speech on YouTube, let us know by messenger, email or the Tavern Discord server if there are any issues.

We’d love to hear how your games went and what you thought of the approach to organising this virtual con. It will influence our planning for Furnace. Let us know on the Gaming Tavern’s convention forum ( ) or the Facebook page.

Thanks, have some great games!



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OK, the 2300AD game and All Systems Gone will also not run. I've reallocated players affected with the exception of one in Slot 3. I've asked the GMs with 4 players if they'll consider going to five to help this individual out as this is no fault of theirs.