[D6] Paleomythic quick review

I'm about 40% of the way through a skim read of Paleomythic and it sounds really fun. System is a pool of D6's (one for each of 5 Traits and an extra for a weapon or particularly relevant Trait). Wounds temporarily knock off Traits reducing the number of dice in your pool. Chargen is Fate-like, selecting Talents to round out your character concept which uses Traits to define the PC. There are 36 Talent archetypes grouped into 6 types - Adapts, Bestial, Fighter, Oracle, Sorcerer and Specialist. Each of these has a specific skill they can use and an extra set of starting goods. You can have 3 Traits and 3 Talents or any combo of one Talent minimum and up to 5 Traits. There are 12 Traits to choose from, some of which suit certain Talents.

Melee combat uses D6 for each current Trait (5) plus one D6 for a weapon and for the 'brave' trait for 5D6 and a 6 on any die is a success causing a wound and the temporary loss of a Trait. There are rules for Tactics which spice up combat a bit and many weapons have special effects which do things like damaging armour, causing extra wounds or intimidating injured enemies.

There are lots of other things a PC can do such as foraging or crafting, social interaction, trading etc. There are sections on life in Mu, dealing with the Otherworld, details of tribes and settlements with an example tribe and settlement. A selection of ancient places/ruins and a variety of Muvian Gods ends the section on Mu. After this is 40 pages of adversaries, ten pages of GM advice a small section on paleodelving, a 16 page adventure - Captives of the Beastmen and a short Appendix covering extended name choices, some pre-gens. There is a reasonable index at the rear.