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Our Last, Best Hope.

Calling all GMs from the lost North Star mission. What if we were to offer to coordinate an online convention for you all?

This would probably take the form of a Google Docs sheet where GMs sign up and offer games as usual. We would coordinate the platforms offered and managing players into the games.

A virtual North Star, as it were, over the weekend originally planned? Let me know below...

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Yes, I'd be interested.
I'm not an expert at running games online, but I've done Dr Who and Vampire over Google Hangouts. I suspect I will, however, be getting lots of online game practice in the next couple of months...
Quite so, I'm looking at VTT options right now. Roll20 is perhaps the obvious one but there are some really nice other ones about or there abouts.
Bloody Discord wants me to "claim the account" but keeps telling me "Email is already registered". How do I convince it to link this server to my Discord account???