ScJ One Week Until Spaghetti ConJunction 3a!

Just one week to go until Spaghetti ConJunction 3a! On Saturday, February 9th, 2019, Simon Burley, James Mullen, and Pookie will be hosting Spaghetti ConJunction 3a, the twice a year one-day roleplaying in Birmingham city centre. Held at the Geek Retreat cafe, less than ten minutes’ walk from each of Birmingham’s three train stations, the event starts at 10 am and finishes at 7:30 pm and will include two four-hour gaming sessions, a charity raffle with some great prizes, and good company.

Games on the Day
We have games announced for Dungeon Crawl Classics, Dungeons & Dragons, Fifth Edition, Is it a Plane?!, RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, and more. We are currently accepting submissions for games for Spaghetti ConJunction 3a, so if you have something you want to run on the day, please let us know.

Charity Support
Both the profits and the raffle money raised from Spaghetti Conjunction will go to its designated charity, Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity ( Currently, we have generous donations from Chaosium, Inc., Grim & perilous, Monkey Blood Design, with more to come.

Geek Retreat
The venue is a gaming cafe and is offering table service for Spaghetti ConJunction, so you can order your lunch ahead of time and have it delivered to your table shortly afterwards. Plus, as a Spaghetti ConJunction attendee, you can receive discounts on both food and drink. Check our website for full details (

Spaghetti ConJunction has a website ( as well as Google+ community and a FaceBook group. Just search for Spaghetti ConJunction.
My games at SCJ:

Title: The Goblins and the Pie Shop
GM: Simon Burley
System: The d6 Hack (from the Role Play Relief Beginners Book).
Description: It’s a tradition that all adventurers setting out upon a quest stop off at Mrs Miggins Pie Shop to fortify themselves with one of her marvellous concoctions. Only when you arrived today – loins all girded for adventure – the place has been ransacked. It seems adventure has come looking for you!
Guy Milner’s wonderful one-shot adventure from the Role Play Relief Expert Book played using my “The d6 Hack” rules from the Role Play Relief Beginner’s Book. It’s D&D but just using d6’s!
Pregens available but I’d rather you made your own. It’s remarkably quick and simple.
Players: 2-6
Slot: Morning

Slot: Afternoon
Title: Mates Against the Multiverse – a 13th Doctor Adventure
GM: Simon Burley
System: The Code of the Spacelanes
Description: So we all know what it’s been like watching the 13th Doctor, Derek, Ryan and Yaz strut their stuff on the small screen. But what’s it like to BE them.
I’ve got stats for all four of the new main “Tardis Team” and options for up to two “guest stars”.
If you don’t already know, The Code of the Spacelanes is my super-simple 2d6 SciFi TTRPG with loads of opportunity for players to exercise direct narrative control over events.
Players: 2-6
Slot: Afternoon