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The Guvnor
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Neo-Penguin GoleMZ!


Listen up meatbagZ!

I hear you are best Goo-Gol Raiders in HITSVILLE UK, ALTERNATIVE ULSTER, and we have a job for you. We want you Going uNderground, past the Eton rifles, to raid the Oracle in the hong hong garden and takeaway her java, head to echo beach and fuel the penguin golem and ride her to jubilee infinitum to save the fucking queen.

There will be loud music, neon vinyl, benzos and x-ray spex. Now head out!

A 'death is the new pink adventure' for 4-6 meatbags with no future

Expect to die .... often ....

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Just registered. I want to run two Expanse scenarios.

The Expanse: Caliban Project Blues
5 players
System: AGE (Expanse version)

They made you into a monster.
You were human once. Scientists of the Caliban Project did experiments to turn you into a super-soldier. Sometimes you remember you were human. Sometimes you are nothing but instinct and hunger. Either way, you don't like what you've become. You just want to go home.

TRIGGER WARNING: The Expanse setting canon includes bad guys doing unethical medical experiments on children to make the monsters. Two of the characters in this scenario are kids.

The Expanse: Power to the People
5 players
System: AGE (Expanse version)

Hilder Station was built by a Martian corporation. But it is located in the Asteroid Belt, and the local Belters are fed up of the corruption and graft of station officials. Now news has broken that a Martian black ops stealth-ship has destroyed a Belter freighter. Things are getting ugly...

All the characters are OPA (Outer Planets Alliance) members or sympathisers.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Riots at Dawn
5 players
System: Infinity 2d20

The Caledonians are renowned for their pride, fierce independence, and rich heritage. They are also a major source of Teseum. When that supply slows to a trickle, everyone takes notice.

Your O-12 handler tasks you to investigate, by any means necessary, the fundamental reasons for the recent unrest in the country. Deep cover
informants have also reported a possible breach of trade ethics concerning Dawn, so the Bureau would like to understand the root origins behind Branch Chief Morrison’s sudden rise to prominence in the region. His sudden affluence has also brought a measure of stability to his own mine, which has subsequently allowed him to begin snapping up mines closed due to dispute under the promise of resolving workforce disagreements and resuming productivity.
I'll be trialing a new game, Far Frontiers... optimistic space science fiction based on the Liminal rules.

For the second I'm tempted by Tachyon Squad, but there's plenty of time to change my mind before I commit, and there are plenty of stranger possibilities. I could also do a second run of the Gumshoe solar system dystopia I'm running at Seven Hills.