North Star North Star 2020 Online - final words


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As our virtual convention draws to a close, @First Age and I would like to say thanks to all the GMs (without whom this wouldn't happen) and to all the players.

Big shout out to Fil and @paulbaldowski for the All Rolled Up voucher which you can all still use! Get some of those great masks and accessories! Thanks!

North Star WILL return. Whether online or in person, let's see what the future brings.
Thanks for organizing this event. Thanks also to the GMs and players in The Toxic Jewel and Prison of the Worm Queen. It has been great to be able participate in games I could not get to without the shift to online play.
That was a really fun way to fill yet another home weekend. Thanks to Amy, John, Simon and Robin for getting well stuck into the Star Wars-ness of Tachyon Squadron. I even played Star Trek Adventures on Sunday with my local group so that counts too, right?!

Thanks Graham and Dom for taking the strain on this - it is most appreciated.
I C.. they are your "local group" are they? [goes off in a huff..]
In that I game with any number of people from a now-increased pool of about a dozen people in any given campaign, you're ALL my local gaming group. And yes, that means the extended family all rotate around me but I'm allowed that little bit of egocentrism for just one post.

Bloody touchy