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@First Age announced on the Facebook group:

Cancelling North Star 2020

After some deliberation, with the COVID-19 situation, we have decided to cancel North Star 2020.

We have members of the community in risk groups, and with close contacts to relatives and friends in risk groups.

What makes the Garrison such a great venue for playing games also makes it very difficult to avoid the spread of the virus.
Public Health authorities haven’t at the time of writing made any recommendations on mass gatherings, and we may fall below the threshold in terms of numbers, but in these circumstances it is best to err on the side of caution.


Thanks to everyone who has offered games or signed up this year. We have already incurred some costs that we can’t recover, but we will be processing refunds of £10 or £20 for single and weekend tickets in the coming days.

If you have booked a room at The Garrison, please contact them directly on 0114 249 9555 to cancel.

In addition, our traders will have a number of event cancellations as well as ours. Please consider making some of the purchases you would have done at North Star though their online stores.
All Rolled Up
Crafting Jones
Patriot Games


Please look after yourselves and stay in touch, especially as we look to move towards more social distancing.

Graham and Dom - North Star Organisers