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I'm thinking of offering a Cthulhu Dark game for one of the remaining Sat evening slots, riffing off the Mumbai 2037 setting (cyberpunk India). Is there enough of an audience at North Star for this?

Don't know Cthulhu Dark? It does Lovecraftian horror with a simple and elegant d6 system. Characters tend to be at the bottom end of society: they don't have heroic power, but do have plenty of agency. (At least, as much as you can expect against the inevitable cosmic horrors of the Mythos.)

Here are five or so questions answered by the author, Graham Walmsley, including what to expect when you sit down to play Dark. And this is a bit about the setting.
In Mumbai, a thousand stories intersect. People come dreaming of the penthouses, the wealth, the electronics. Some make it to the top, some sleep on the streets, some lose their minds in virtual worlds. Everyone dreams.

Concrete towers rise into the sky, shedding dust that chokes the people below. Stockbrokers sell trillions in electronic space, while street traders sell chai in the underways. Billboards promise wealth and beauty and, behind them, people live in ancient, crumbling tenements.

In Mumbai 2037, the power lies in wealth and class. The Investigators find horror in luxurious skyscrapers, corporate headquarters and the homes of the ultrarich. And they find it in the glowing, tempting virtual space of the Othernet.
Mumbai 2037 sounds ace. With a billion plus sentients in India, the class conflicts in a world of technology just shout out stories.

If you do not mind, I would like to adapt it for next year's Punk theme at Seven Hills, powered by the Cyberpunk Genesys rules and funky dice. ;-)
Cheers Remi - I sure don't mind. No sneak peeks before NS though, if you do want to play in this ;-)
Crestive wheels are turning. I mentioned William Gibson's novel "Idoru" on Facebook and am thinking of switching that virtual celebrity idol into a Bollywood celebrity who is the hottest virtual actor secretly seducing teenagers into an addictive virtual lair through online dating sites, who then also disappear from their real lives, schools, work places, etc. Suddenly, this has turned into a dark plot that may require "sensitive themes" tags.

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If you need hosting for the Garrison cons, just shout. Still have a stake in a private hosting operation and would be happy to help. Can do DNS too if required.

- Neil.
So kind Neil! I'm now seriously leaving Servage, something has gone badly wrong over there, it's a diaspora. I'll come back to you if required.


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Infinity 2d20 is staring at me in that smug 'I'm barely intelligible aren't I?' way that some games do.

I completely slapped its arse last time I Gm'd it, so it is time to raise my game again.


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Games update:

1) We now have 32 attendees and all slots have at least 32 places including GMs, so we're good. Slots 3 and 5 will have the most limited choice of games because we are filling all of them if everyone plays. I'll still take offers of up to one more game in each of those slots until end of Friday 19th.

2) I'd appreciate it if I can have a couple of people volunteer as reserve GMs. You need to do it in a slot other than your own, and you are welcome to run the same game twice. Hopefully we won't need to do anything.

3) GM prebooking will open on Easter Monday.
I will announce it on Facebook and on the Tavern with a link to the sheet. Can all GMs check their blurb is up to date please in advance of this? You get one pre-book for each game offered.

4) Player prebooking will start the week after, again I will announce in the same way.
Something for Saturday night (Slot 3)

Cthulhu Dark: Consume

This is Mumbai, 2037.

Concrete towers rise into the sky, shedding dust that chokes the people below. Stockbrokers sell trillions in electronic space. Dreamers drift away their nights and days in the glowing, tempting virtuality of the Otherspace. Street traders sell chai in the underways. Billboards promise wealth and beauty. Behind them, people live in ancient, crumbling tenements.

You are lucky to have found work with other members of your family. You labour hard to build one of those towers, the epic Tanwar Building. Yours is just one family among thousands that toil to see it reach beyond dreams, spiralling into the heavens.

Miles wide it stretches at its base, and seventy storeys high it soars. Seventy storeys above where you live, with your family, in the concrete underbelly of the Tanwar.

Today, as you rise, there’s a silent rumble in the underbelly. It’s barely noticed far beneath the homes of the ultrarich.

But you notice. Someone is missing. And something churns. Consumes. In Mumbai.


System Note: Cthulhu Dark drives Lovecraftian horror mysteries from the underdog’s perspective, using a simple d6 system.
Touchstones: Elysium
Tags: lovecraftian, cyberpunk, India
Something for Slot 5 (Sunday afternoon)

InSpace (InSpectres): Jetsam

He’s not your usual space junk.

Floating through the void. You’ve retrieved the body, but it’s not his battered vac suit that tells you who he is or where he’s come from.

Clenched in his now solid dead grip is the frazzled black box of a shuttle vessel from the Dauntless. It’s in a near fail state.

The first thing you manage to decipher are fragments from the last personal log of mission specialist Dr Pierre Duchamps.

“... aurora … pattern … not alone ...”


System Note: Based on InSpectres, where the “investigation determines reality,” InSpace explores cosmic unknowns and the mysteries of space.
Touchstones: The Expanse, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris, Contact
Tags: player-driven


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I'm reviewing the GM listings for tomorrow's pre-booking go live.

Jason Bratley - you need to fill in the blurb on the second tab for your slot 2 game of Mutant Mechatron.

@negromaestro - you need to fill in the blurb for your Warhammer game in Slot 5

Thank you,