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The Grindstone Cowboys
Slot 4
System: Judge Dredd (GW)
Number of players: 5

As a Judge you strive to enforce justice in a city of 50 million people, a city riddled with crime and violence, shattered by revolution and ravaged by the Chaos Bug. You face a whole series of dangers, from deadly mutants to organ-leggers, from careless litterers to psychopathic futsies. You are judge, jury and executioner in a state precariously controlled by a dwindling number of Judges; control that will get even harder to maintain now that the supply lines of munce and base tech have been snarled and strangled in the radlands of the Cursed Earth.
Tags: Action, Guns, Hard Decisions, Investigation, Mutants

I will be running Warhammer 40,000 using the GENESYS ruleset for Dark Heresy, so funky dice and the Fantasy Flight Games goodness.

Also, character motivations constructed strengths and weaknesses from the GENESYS ruleset for each character to take advantage of the symbology of starbursts and caltrops and all that jazz. So are you ready to die for The Emperor of Mankind? Who may be a decrepit old fossil, but that sort of talk is heresy; you have been given notice.

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