North Star North ? open


The Guvnor
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11th to 12th May 2019 – Garrison Hotel, Sheffield, UK
Come and play out amazing stories amongst the stars for a full weekend of tabletop SF RPGs. Avoid Imperial entanglements, set phasers to stun, survive the dark between the stars, or join the crew of the Free Trader Beowulf; whatever path you choose, enjoy some time away in other worlds and new realities.
The gathering will have 5 gaming slots over the weekend, with options for games that can fill any number of them. Want to run an all weekend epic with a committed group of sentients? We have you covered. Run a two or three slot game to tell a more complete story? All good. Shock and awe a group of players with a self contained 4 hour slot game? Right on!
The hyperspace coordinates are programmed in, so join us on a voyage to adventure! Sign up details are available at our website. Tell us about the game you want to run. Tell us about the games you want to play.
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