[selling] New April Coupon from Mike Schley - 50% off D&D mappage


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New April Coupon from Mike Schley!
Greetings! I know times are trying right now so I'll keep this brief. I've activated a 50% discount on all digital art downloads for the month of April from prints.mikeschley.com.

Enter the code 2020Vision at checkout to receive 50% off all of the digital content in your cart. Want to use your new coupon more than once? Perfect! Give it a go as many times as you'd like before April 30th to make your upcoming adventures fantastic. The coupon is intended for both new and returning customers so feel free to share it with others if you'd like.

I understand that belts are tightening across the globe right now but If you do choose to visit the website and supplement your RPG toolbox then please accept my humblest thanks for your support and keep exploring!
May be of interest - these are maps for the official D&D products that Schley has designed for.


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Coupon extended plus Campaign Cartographer offer:

New ProFantasy Voucher &
50% Coupon Extension!
Greetings to all you mapmakers, GMs, and cartography fans. This May, the folks over at ProFantasy Software, publishers of Campaign Cartographer 3+, have generously created a new 20% voucher for my SS4: Dungeons of Schleyand SS5: Cities of Schley mapping tools. In addition, I've extended my own 50% discount on all digital art downloads from prints.mikeschley.com, .

Use the code 427J4PH2 at the ProFantasy checkout before June 1st for a great discount on two of the richest encounter and city mapping toolsets available. Usable within the CC3+ application or on their own as .png icons, the SS4 & SS5 symbol sets have been painstakingly designed to help you with the crafting of your own fantastic worlds.

As a thank you for all the support, I'm also keeping the 2020Vision coupon code for 50% off all digital content active till June 1st. So take a peek in both shops to see what's new and keep exploring!

Most sincerely,