[D&D] Need a big list of cool fun stuff


The Guvnor
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My players have money.
Lots of money.
They want to buy funky stuff.
We are playing 5e.
The idea of ye olde magik shoppe is
1: not very 5e
2: not very me
But slightly magical and interesting?

Anyone got any sources for that kind of stuff?
It's tough to work out what to spend gold on in 5e. The boring answer is expensive spell components - they can have a heroes' feast every day, or not care about dying for all the diamonds stuffed in their pockets. Perhaps vehicles and crew, or expensive animals? You could probably offer the slightly weird common magic items from Xanathar's on the open market without distorting anything - PCs with things like wands of smiles and charlatan's dice probably lead to interesting sessions.


The Guvnor
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I did that when they entered the city, and anyway, they have a small manse of their own already, they're set for life;
[and.. who the hell wants to take tax from a party of 5th level heroes with minimal anger control?]

I *want* them to be able to buy some cool stuff, but more quirky than a +1 sword.
@pedr was right, the common magic items in Xanathar are a great starting point, as is the Book of Loot from 13th Age.
I also blew 34p on a table of 50 whimsical gnomish magical items, and found a Reddit thread.

The best route for a D&D DM is probably the DMG magic items special features tables. That's quirky stuff, roll on each table and you have a quirky item with a history, personality, and real flavour.. and then decide what it actually is..