[selling] Mother's Love

New release of three investigations in (relatively) contemporary settings:
  • investigating murder and kidnapping connected to a backwater orphanage in 50s Canada;
  • actors gather together in celebration of Shakespeare's 400th anniversary on the islands of Malta; and,
  • looking into the shady practices of a Greek business and an abattoir as part of an Animal Rights movement.
100% less cannibalism than the last major investigation triple-book released.

The 76-page PDF also comes with a separate 12-page collection of maps, blueprints and handouts.
Available now on DriveThruRPG—with release in limited edition hardback and POD to follow.

(Sorry for the shameless self-promotion! I couldn't work out where to put it...)

Available in dead tree at Expo?
Yes. The dead tree on offer will be a £15 hardback—as the cover was too pretty not to.

Are these one shot length?
Yes. And maybe. I've run all of them as one-shots during playtesting. They could easily run to two sessions—perhaps even three—if you just throttle the pacing. One-shot requires an throttled up!

Aaaww! I LIKED the cannibalism.......
I think one book about cannibalism in every ten published will suffice.