Liminal Liminal online for a Tavern crew


Rune Priest
A 7:30 start works for me, and we can make sure the game doesn't go beyond 10pm. It's absolutely fine with me for you to forward Paul a copy of the rules. In terms of clients, I intend to try out the Tavern's Discord server. I also need to play with that before the time.
OK, will do. I expect I'll have to get Paul to sign up to the board - we'll check out the Discord Server at the weekend.

Next question: what's the pitch? I need to get Paul organised ASAP - I know what he's like at coming up with character concepts. (From previous games of these these types, he may well go for some kind of magus.)
Apologies crazy week and weekend means I haven’t had a chance to check in for a few days.

Given how crazy things at work are going to be until the end of term, I’d favour a pre gen so that any lack of time on my part doesn’t delay things.

- Neil.
Okay, here's the Liminal pitch.... you're people caught between the mundane world and the Hidden World- the world of magical secret societies, Fae realms, vampires and werewolves, and haunted places. You know too much, or maybe are too much to be a part of the Mundane World, but you're not fully a part of the Hidden World either. You form a crew, working together, with some shared ideals. You investigate strange cases where the supernatural intrudes into mundane reality, helping people caught up in them.

Optional: If anyone has time, could you send me a hook indicating in one or two sentences a strange even which might link to a case your crew would get involved in. If I have something by Monday, it will be a part of what we're doing.

If you'd like a pre-gen (I know you do, Tom and Neil), can you send me a quick PM so I can sort you something out?

Thanks again!


Rune Priest
My character concept: an acquisitions specialist working for the British Museum and British Library. Can sense magic - type and strength and is able when reading something to know if it's a genuine spell. Skills: lore & ancient languages, negotiation, burglary, contacts, maybe some combat skills. I originally thought an ex-Special Forces bod with underworld links.
Sounds good Maddz.

I'm trying to sort out the final stages of my planning. Pre-gens for Guvnor and Neil coming soon.

Factions I will bring into play:

The Council of Merlin (rich academic wizards, think they're the only magicians in the country worth speaking of)
P Division (special national police division who look into supernatural crimes. The other police laugh at them)
Temese (rival Fae lords who both claim dominion over the River Thames. Isis is traditional and magical. Temese is almost a 1980s yuppie)
The Jaeger Family (werewolf nobility who claim overlordship of all other werewolf gangs; the claim is much disputed)
The Queen's Service (a vampire faction, new on the scene, and perhaps shaking matters up)

What I hope everyone taking part can do is pick two factions, and give one a +, and one a -. These cancel out. If a faction has three +s, it regards the player character crew as firm allies. If a faction has three -s, it regards the player character crew as enemies to be annihilated.
I wasn’t suggesting pvp or that the results of our choices weren’t public, just that if we made them in secret then we wouldn’t be influenced by each other’s choices.

I’m struggling to think of a faction I feel positively about, which probably only makes things more complicated.

- Neil.
I logged in earlier and installed the desktop client. Could figure out how to logout though so just closed everything down.

Unfortunately as I have been paying zero attention to the World Cup, I have no idea when "after the footie" might actually be ?

- Neil.


The Guvnor
Staff member
I have installed a roleplaying bot.

A Discord bot that contains commands useful for text roleplaying. It has a sophisticated dice rolling system, as well as a character database that allows you to add character bios to your server.


  • Configurable prefix
  • Channel restrictions
  • Detailed help system

Dice rolling

  • Simple rolls with any number of sides (!roll 20)
  • Dice expressions (!roll 2d20)
  • Advanced expressions (!roll 3d20 + 3 - 2d6)
  • Success thresholds (!roll 2d20 > 30)
  • Success counting (!roll 6d20 >> 14)
  • Inline rolls (Some character attempts to do something that isn't guaranteed to succeed. (Roll: d20 > 12))