John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum (Spoiler free)


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I came very late to the John Wick franchise [1], and only just watched the latest instalment now it's dropped onto Netflix. As usual, it is beautifully shot, wonderfully choreographed and utterly ridiculous. It doesn't stop from start to finish and leaves itself open for a sequel much like its predecessor.

From the New York skyline in the rain at the opening, it had me. When the story moved beyond the city, it looked equally and sounded equally lush. Some review sites describe this as neo-noir. I think it touches that style and has some of the motifs, but it's very much a dark high-octane action-thriller rather than what I'd put in that genre.

If you've seen the previous films, you won't be disappointed. Just check your brain in at the door and enjoy the ride.

[1] I watched the first two while tackling the mountains of ironing. Rock and roll!

19 January 2020

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