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Rune Priest
Hello everyone,

I'm Nathan and a former Tavern patron who is happy to return. As many of you know, I'm very "geeky" and knowledgeable about certain subjects. I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy, which is probably why I'm drawn to roleplaying.

My first venture into gaming was in 1986 when I was introduced to the Fighting Fantasy books. A year later in '87 I was playing my first game of D&D. I moved onto AD&D and Stormbringer in 1990 and fell in love with D100 percentile games. I bought the GW RQIII books in 1992 - yes the ones without Glorantha - I started to create my own world to base the adventures in. By 1993 the seeds of my very own campaign world had been sowed. In 1993 I found WEG Star Wars and for a very long time I ran primarily that. Throughout the 90s I did dabble a little with my own fantasy campaign and even had a crack at creating my own rules (which were totally rubbish). It wasn't until 2004 that I was introduced to Glorantha and HeroQuest for the first time. I must admit as much as like the setting, I've only dipped my toe into the waters. Since 2007, I've mainly run games set in my own, original fantasy world, mainly using various incarnations of the RQ rules.

Some important information about myself: I was recently diagnosed with Autism (Asperger's Syndrome) and I have dyslexia. So if I come across a little rude or abrupt, or you can't quite understand what I'm getting across in my posts, then may I ask you to have some consideration and please feel free to ask me to elaborate on what I said. Many thanks!
I'm Paul Mitchener. Originally from the Southampton area, lived in a few different countries for a while, and came to live in Sheffield when I returned to the UK. I've been here since 2007. Not long after I arrived in Sheffield, which searching for local RPG groups, I happened upon the Furnace convention, came along, and played lots of games, met more people, went to more conventions, and that's how I became the man I am today.

In the world of RPGs, I like quite a few different things. At the moment, I'm playing Call of Cthulhu in Ancient Rome, a Fate conversion of Mage: The Ascension, and Esoterrorists. Unknown Armies might be back soon too. I'm running Legend of the Five Rings, Trail of Cthulhu, and the One Ring campaigns. I've written a few things for publication, some with others on this forum (waves enthusiastically, especially to First Age): Age of Arthur, Hunters of Alexandria, some things for Mindjammer, a little One Ring, a little Cthulhu. Starfall for Wordplay, various OpenQuest bits and pieces, Logres for Mythras.

Outside of RPGland, I'm a university mathematics lecturer. Another hobby is not doing astrophotography; I should turn that around and get back into it. I view reading lots as both my pleasure and my moral duty rather than a hobby as such.
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Simon. Late 50’s but seem to have a picture in my attic.......

Because my dad was into board games and wouldn’t spring for White Box D&D, I didn’t get into the hobby until I got to Uni - so I came in at the “Greyhawk” phase.

Somehow ended up creating, co-authoring and self publishing the first British SHRPG - Golden Heroes - which is fondly remembered. Since then have bubbled along in the hobby in various minor ways as self-published author, convention attendee, advocate for the hobby in the wider world etc.

Referee at lot at conventions but almost always my own rules. Currently working on getting my multi-genre system - Manifold - into print.
(Might as well join in :) )

Hello from the edge of the fens (aka the middle of nowhere). I started with Basic D&D, Traveller, Runequest, The Fantasy Trip and have been playing tabletop RPGs for what feels like forever.
I'm a professional geek, and I'm also known for providing various techie bits for freeform/live-action games. Highlight of my gaming history could well be running Live-action Munchkin.

I'm not doing anywhere near as much gaming as I'd like at the moment, due to work (or rather the commute) taking up too much time & energy.


Rune Priest
Cool! Would you be interested in meeting up? I think we’re free next weekend, weekend after is Grad Pad on Saturday, the next we’re away (we’re usually away twice a month) then it’s Concrete Cow.

We tend to play GURPS, RuneQuest games, various indie games (Paul’s into Amber) and the like. We don’t play World of Darkness, and tend not to play CoC. Our play style is more towards story-telling, and we tend to use mechanics as guidelines not rules.
Hi, I'm Chris

52, grew up in Norfolk, now living in Dorset.

I started as a Wargamer, my first RPG experience was playing a homebrew by a guy who'd played the original D&D at a convention. A Year later ('78 I think ) the Wargames Club bought the Blue Box, and we found how poorly he'd done at copying it... next we played T&T, then Runequest... I got Traveller in '81.... Paranoia was fun, Call of Cthulu too, in its own way. Bushido had its day... We played plenty of board games too - mostly wargames. I've played a lot of different systems over the years, and read many more that I've never played ( the original Chivalry and Sorcery is one system I wish I still had - too complex for teenage me, but I'd like to have another run at it now ).

For years the little group we formed in the village I live in played homebrews ( originally a T&T clone, then a fantasy mutation of the Aftermath rules... ). I tried running a proper Pathfinder game, it was too rigid and old-fashioned for the group. The FATE C17th Buccaneer game went better - the rules encouraged swashbuckling. The Magic CCG took over the group for a while, pushing out RPG gaming, now we mostly play various card and board games IRL. I'm part of a couple of Traveller PBEM-type games, one of which another of our group is in. Strange times - RPG gaming online, with a neighbour and several Americans...
I'm not doing anywhere near as much gaming as I'd like at the moment, due to work (or rather the commute) taking up too much time & energy.
I can certainly understand that. For a long time I didn't do much gaming because of the same.

Anyway on to me. Aged 50 so I fit in with the demographic. Living in Peterborough. Started roleplaying sometime in secondary school with Red Box D&D, on to college where I rapidly moved on to other, better, games. I am willing to play most things if the players are right. I am a member of the local club (called RPGS - Regional Peterborough Gaming Society) and I also play loads of board and card games too. I can also be found at SF cons as well.


The Guvnor
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I'm Carol - another one from the fens. I have a bit of a con running habit (but I could give it up any time... )
I feel a "con in the fens" on the horizon.
I used to love the Cambridge con with endless names at New Hall before it died, it was just right in the off year with Continuum!
Which cons do you help run Carol?
I feel a "con in the fens" on the horizon.
I used to love the Cambridge con with endless names at New Hall before it died, it was just right in the off year with Continuum!
Which cons do you help run Carol?
I already organise a Pathfinder convention that happens just outside Ely (in the fens) twice a year - 3XP
And as one of the UK VO team I can't get out of helping with PaizoconUK
I am also the main organiser for Contingency
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