[generic] Green Ronin PDFs in Bits’n’mortar?


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Anyone know if Green Ronin is part of Bits and Mortar? I'm considering The Expanse RPG, but like to have digital as well.
Green Ronin offer a PDF for $5 when print products are preordered either directly from them or via game stores (sometimes it takes some burueaucratic wrangling for stores to get those preorders set up).

Bits and Mortar would be much easier!
I think he’s in the UK at the moment - either Green Ronin had an Expo still or they were supporting one in particular. But I spent almost no time in the trade hall so didn’t bump into him!

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I think he’s in the UK at the moment - either Green Ronin had an Expo still or they were supporting one in particular. But I spent almost no time in the trade hall so didn’t bump into him!
I saw him on the stall in Hall 2, should really of said "hello", but I was too British. Almost bought the Fantasy Age Companion. Naughty.
I overcame my anxiety and had a quick chat, thanking him for his publications and showing general appreciation for the Green Ronin content I've enjoyed over the years, especially Dragon Age. Seemed very nice—perched there on a tall stool looking ever so slightly alone.
He was sharing a stall with Fanboy 3 I think. Asked him about the system behind the updated Blue Rose and he kindly explained it; sounded nicely straightforward so I bought a copy, but forgot to ask about PDFs at the time. I'm going to email Green Ronin and Fanboy 3 to see if anything can be worked out, because those PDF prices are pretty steep if you're buying the book as well.


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Update from Travelling Man today:

Thanks for getting in touch to inquire about Green Ronin's programme for distributing digital copies of books bought in store.

I've chased this up with our HQ and have been put in touch with someone at Green Ronin. I'm just waiting to hear back from their end to see where we are and what books will be supported by the programme.

At present, it is my understanding that we will receive codes for certain books that will be given out to anybody buying a print copy of the corresponding volume to be able to gain access to a digital/PDF copy of the same book online, much the same as you had mentioned on the phone.

As I have more details, I will get back in touch to update you as soon as I can.
I think Patriot should get the same.


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Ha.. rubbish

So, having spoken to our liaison at Green Ronin, it appears my understanding of their discounted digital copy program was only partial. The Pre-Order Plus program, as they call it, is only applicable to books bought on pre-order. We, as retailers, can request codes to be distributed with the purchase of a pre-order for an upcoming Green Ronin book that will allow for the purchase of a digital copy of the same book online at a discounted price (typically $5), but as said, this offer is limited only to books which are currently available for pre-order at any given time— once the pre-order period is complete, the codes expire and the PDFs available online through Green Ronin’s web store revert to their original pricing, which is typically half the price of a print copy.

Our liaison said that, at present, only the following books are available through the Pre-Order Plus program:

“Currently we have 5 products that are available for pre-order and are supplying codes for: Threefold a setting for Modern AGE, The Fantasy AGE Campaign Builder's Guide, The Deluxe Gamemaster's Guide for Mutants & Masterminds, the Superteam Handbook also for Mutants & Masterminds, and finally the fiction novel Height of the Storm from Nisaba Press, by author Aaron Rosenburg, in the Mutants & Masterminds setting.”