Gorgon’s Loch - Kickstarter

I’ve been contacted by a friend - Dan Grubb of Fantastic Books - for a signal boost.

If you’ve got any questions he’ll be at AireCon in a couple of weeks.

Hi Simon,

As you may have heard already, we are right on the cusp of releasing our first board game, an introductory level dungeon crawler called they Gorgon’s Loch’.

As your network is both huge and extremely relevant to what we’re trying to do (create a gateway game between monopoly/snakes and ladders/etc and the wide and wonderful world of board and tabletop games), would you be kind enough to let folks know about our project and have them sign up to our pre-launch page here:


If you search Youtube for 'the Gorgon's Loch' you'll find a few short sting vids and a couple of longer play through ones.