Furnace Furnace 2019 and mailing list


Staff member
Furnace Registrations are now open. As the website is down with the Servage issue I mentioned in the North Star post, please register as follows until we get the website sorted.

iif you want to register please use the following address for PayPal:

payment (at) furnace.org.uk
(no spaces in that address)

It is £25 for both days or £13 for one.

include the following in the notes with your payment.

1) That it is for Furnace (North Star is booking using the same payment and we can’t differentiate as the websites are down).

2) Your name (and the name you want on the badge) in the text

3) Confirm that you are happy for us to email you at the address for convention-related matters. Or give us another email to use.

4) If you only book one day, then say which day.

If you are a GM and booking a slot to run, you need to register or we reserve the right to clear that slot for someone who has booked and wants to GM.