For Faerie, Queen, & Country – Character Sheets



In 1993, TSR released a new generic role-playing game called Amazing Engine. The idea was that they would release several different world books, and players could transfer characters from one world to another.

It didn’t really work, and the whole system was shut down a year later. The world books, however were really interesting. They had a Aliens like game called Bughunters, a cyberpunk game named Kromosome, and a few others.

One of the most interesting ones was For Faerie, Queen, & Country – set in a Victorian England where Faeries were real and commonplace.

I recently ran a one-shot of this and made my own fillable character sheets. In the unlikely event you ever run this game, here they are:


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The Guvnor
Staff member
I don't remember Amazing Engine, although I was more boardgaming than RPG'ing in the '90's
I have both supplements and they are very good. The core RPG was clever in its idea of a trans setting core allowing a Quantum Leap style of game if you wanted.